You are your greatest resource

Could you consider that your external world is a reflection of your internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs?

Transform your relationship with yourself and everything changes:
your business your life and everything else

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Work with me

If you don’t go in you won’t realise it outside. Transform your relationship with yourself and every relationship changes – your work, money, life, body, success and everything else.

The InsideOut Practice is an 8 step process that guides you from confusion to clarity.

Using Design Thinking methodology and proven Somatic practices, together we will explore:

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I am Eilish Bouchier

I deliver business visioning and leadership transformation. With decades of experience at the intersection of creativity, commerce, communication and consciousness with global and local businesses.

I will introduce you to the InsideOut Practice as the solution you apply to your business and life challenges that works for who you are now and for whom you are becoming.