Focusing your brand value Magnetising your vision

You are your greatest resource

Could you consider that your external resources are a reflection of your internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs?

To become the benefactor of your future self, close the gap between who you are now and whom you want to become in 4 simple steps

  • Align you with YOU
  • Transform your relationships
  • Position yourself for success
  • Create space for what matters

  • When you transform your relationship with yourself, every relationship changes – your work, money, life, body, success and everything else.

    In our world of accelerating change when we encounter these struggles it becomes more and more difficult to find a solution that addresses our unique situation. What if there was one enduring solution?

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    Welcome to the InsideOut Practice

    I help professional creatives and purpose driven businesses get the results that matter to them in their work and their life.




    Be your best self. Share who you are.
    Say what you mean. Sell the impact you deliver with a message that’s clear and true and a confident brand that feels good too.


    Eilish helped me separate facts from fiction. Reality from dreams. Accessible dreams from fantasy. She helped me see my abilities and my gifts and inspired me to use them in ways I got faster results. She does this and so much more.
    She touches everyone she meets. She just sees things so clearly and knows how to distill and articulate them, so you just know what you need to do, then you do it. And it works like magic.

    Maeve Howley

    Artist and Teacher Barcelona
    One of Eilish’ core skills is distilling what I am thinking into a visual and verbal solution.
    She’s a very, very solution based creative. Working with her is always surprising, delightful, playful, warm and extremely professional.

    Deborah Brill

    Professional Creative
    Eilish offers an inspiring and highly motivating approach to unlock and enable individuals and organizations. In my experience she questions and challenges and provokes your thinking using an intriguing mix of the hard pragmatic blended with a wonderfully ethereal spirituality.

    Eilish can apply her very considerable skills and deliver clear outcomes both one on one and at a much broader level across a community or corporate group.


    Non Executive Board Director, Finance Executive, CEO Blaxland Group LLC
    In a world of agreement Eilish pushes back with thought provoking questions that challenges my thinking to land me someplace I could not have imagined alone. She’s a big picture thinker who propels the project forward inspiring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to get there. She’s got that rare quality of macro to micro and connecting seemingly random dots to create new and interesting patterns and pathways. She grasps concepts quickly, is in tune with the current pulse and future thinking. I really appreciate her time and focused intention.


    I consult Eilish when I can’t find the solution by myself. She has experienced so many things in life. She has wisdom, knowledge, passion, tools, humility and most of all, a big open heart. She mirrors me back to me, and then I know the things to do that will make the difference. Whatever she does seems to have a touch of magic.


    A really well-thought out balance between the pragmatic to-do stuff and the meditative process of opening up the imagination. Eilish knows her stuff and brings diverse skills and talents that encompass practical and grounded reality with intuition and spirituality in a really lovely blend.


    Jeweller and Alchemist
    I most highly recommend any program Eilish Bouchier has to offer. Her gentle, intelligent, warm, experienced, non-judgmental and loving insights on virtually all topics life throws our way in business and life are always welcome and so helpful, and her suggestions as to how to incorporate awareness of the cycles and checking in with how my body is feeling on a regular basis, intention and goal setting, meditation and the like have been invaluable additions to and have greatly deepened my business practice. I always look forward to working with her and get so much out our conversations!