I deliver brand visioning and development, creative direction and design to a few select clients each season. From experience I know working with me will change you, your business leadership and get stellar business results that are satisfying and sustainable. As important, it keeps us mutually engaged, challenged, vital and creative as you build a deeper and better business

I approach branding from who you are, creating a vision for where you’re going, to embed the confidence and conviction to share your offerings with those who need and value it. I embrace design thinking and somatic practices. As we work together you embody your brand as we prepare the framework to grow your business.

If you’re just seeking styling and illustration, or after a particular look and feel, colour and ‘just like …’ I’m unlikely your person. I welcome constraints but contributing to your success, challenging the status quo and exploring another way is my mantra.

With decades of experience at the intersection of commerce, communication and creativity with global and local businesses: in agencies, publishing houses, in-house and heading a design department at a university gives me a unique perspective to serve your diverse needs. It also provides me with a coterie of inspiring talents to draw upon if required.

We always work through my proprietary InsideOut Practice, so, to be sure we’ll get each other, please become familiar with this framework here. When we work I take the time to really understand who you are, what you’re called to create and why, and how your business works to serve your clients.

We’re in this together to create a business you love to live in and a brand you are proud to grow into; and for my part do work that grows me too.

That’s the inside bit.

On the outside this is reflected in elegant bespoke design that projects your integrity and values so your brand attracts your tribe; like flies to honey.

If all this piques your interest and elicits a resounding YES. Have a look around the site before you phone or email me. My manifesto and guiding principles live here, my articles here and the things people say here. My work here. Then if you decide we’d likely be new best friends, go here and tell me what you’ve been dreaming up and working on. For my part I’m already curious to meet you. 

My name is eilish bouchier.


Having spent more than 25 years at the intersection of branding communications, design, education and technology, I feel it’s safe to claim I’m a design and branding expert. Expanding into metaphysical work for the past 15 years I integrate the science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and other embodiment practices so you fully integrate your gifts, talents, skills, experiences and qualifications.

I help creative professionals and growing businesses articulate the value they deliver, so they can show and share their story with an embodied confidence and map a path to create their most audacious vision.

We uncover your difference through integration not competition and comparison.

Your business becomes a place of belonging and beauty where you feel fully at home and your ideal clients immediately resonate and want to know more.

I work closely with individuals and businesses globally to create strategically savvy, elegant and enduring design solutions by combining my drive for originality, smart ideas and my mastery for creative direction. 

My clients are people who see the world differently.

They are the innovators and pioneers, creatives and mavericks, the rule breakers and revolutionaries, soulful and spirited, devoted and dedicated, playful and determined.

Working alone or within businesses they have the courage to think, act, live and work their own way. They redefine success, creating products and services that are made for good while living their life on purpose. They’re playing an infinite game leading themselves and empowering others as they work and live in ways that are inspiring and evolving.

‘I’ve been meaning to call you for a long time to thank you. Our brand and communication materials are still working hard for us. I didn’t realise or acknowledge how good it was at the time and the difference it made to our business. It’s years later and people still ask and comment. ‘
Douglas Mills, Demand Solar

‘Her commitment to making a difference to our planet is inspirational – 
she definitely walks the talk and demonstrates a person making a difference
to others by inspired action.’
Karen, Business Analyst, Macquarie Bank