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My name is eilish bouchier.


Having spent more than 20 years at the intersection of
design, education and technology:
I help people apply design thinking
and conscious co-creation to their business and life
in the connected economy. 

I work with independent, curious and discerning thinkers to lead creatively: innovating through your business cycles, while building your business and achieving your life and business goals. 

Thank you for visiting. Do drop by again.

‘Her commitment to making a difference to our planet is inspirational –
she definitely walks the talk and demonstrates a person making a difference
to others by inspired action.’
Karen, Business Analyst

Are you leading your life or being led?

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              The admission form was in front of me. It had been for days, but I was hesitating signing it. It was running around [...]

Being reborn again and again

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Scorpio is often considered the most powerful sign. It is certainly one of the most challenging. Those born under this sign are often seen as the most powerful and for [...]

Me, Myself and I versus You and I?

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Aries Full Moon is perfect for a branding expert to talk about It's all about who am I? Do I even know? Do I have the courage to find out? [...]

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Get Clear on your Creative Needs

‘I’ve been meaning to call you for a long time. Thank you.
You did a brilliant job with all our communications and brand materials.
I didn’t realise how good it was at the time. People still ask and comment years later. ‘
Douglas Mills, Demand Solar


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