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Full Moon in Capricorn – Ground yourself to step up

July 20th, 2016|Comments Off on Full Moon in Capricorn – Ground yourself to step up

Cancer Sun and Full Moon in Capricorn. Prepare for radical self acceptance, then even more radical everything acceptance. We’ve just had that New Moon cycle of take a good long hard look at yourself - your relationship to self, to others, house and home. Yes, that’s Cancer for you. have you felt any tension in the last few weeks? Any guilt, any little blow torch moments in your interactions with others? or even hotter spots in conversations with yourself - what you’re doing well or not doing so very well at all? But, [...]

My name is eilish bouchier.


I’m a brand storyteller, innovative thinker
and visualisation in action guide.
I help idea driven entrepreneurs to
discover who they are
so they can fearlessly communicate
what’s clearly brilliant about their brand,
to attract their tribe like bees to honey.
I’ve worked with great people
on super brands, such as Apple and Vodafone
and super businesses, like Wealthwise Education
and CAPPE 
to build their brands.

I’ve also created a few things of my own
(jewels, an app, a virtual retreat),
all driven by a desire to give you tools
(yes, jewels are tools)
to help you master the ongoing challenges of
work, rest and play, in your unique way
on this grand adventure, we call life.

I also write about and teach what I’ve learned along the way.

You’ll find meditation co-existing with business goals,
order amidst chaos, jewels with daily practice.

I believe it’s not the life but the courage you bring to it.

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Are you ready to take the entrepreneurial leap?
Here are 4 questions to help you get clear 

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Insights, articles and stories on love, life and business for everyday conscious creation

Insights, articles and stories on love, life and business for everyday conscious creation