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My name is eilish bouchier.


Having spent more than 20 years at the intersection of
branding design, education and technology:
I apply my Branding in Action methodology and experiential wisdom to help people and organisations discover who they really are and what they really deliver, so they can show and tell their story with confidence, clarity and conviction.

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Lack of focus and clarity in voice and brand story is a frequent cry I hear from creatives, consultants, coaches, small businesses and passionate professionals. ‘I’m not articulating what I really do. I need my website, content, services/products to show what I can really deliver for others. I need to be able to say it clearly and succinctly.’

Are you ready to own your vision, allow yourself to have the business and life you say you want and create the momentum that having a brand that truly feels like you will inspire?

Are you willing to become who you are and integrate your core values, expertise, life and work experience into what you do?

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Get Clear on your Creative Needs

‘I’ve been meaning to call you for a long time to thank you for your work and working with us. You did a brilliant job with all our brand and communication materials.
I didn’t realise or acknowledge how good it was at the time. People still ask and comment, and it’s now years later. ‘
Douglas Mills, Demand Solar

Full Moon in Aquarius

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‘Her commitment to making a difference to our planet is inspirational –
she definitely walks the talk and demonstrates a person making a difference
to others by inspired action.’
Karen, Business Analyst

Moon Cycle Calendar 2017

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