Transform your relationship with yourself and every relationship changes – your work, money, life, body, success and everything else.

If you this resonates with you,
I expect you will have some questions, so . . .

The Program

There are 4 distinct stages layering on each other as you dig deep to envision and develop, before breaking new ground firmly rooted in self-confidence and self-trust to bring your offerings to those who need, want and value what you help them accomplish. 

Together we’ll explore

  • self-psychology and skills – aligning you with YOU. We begin by grounding you in the context of your environment, your creativity, purpose and what you’re most qualified and skilled to contribute aligned with your natural essence. This stage is grounded in practical reality, expanding into imagination and infinite possibility, exploring, discovering and gathering. This naturally leads us to
  • structure and service where you transform your relationships to business, time and more. With new insights you’ll contain and release giving form to your pillars, products, profit – aligning your positioning with your offers, delivery and ideal clients. These elements will shape your
  • brand story and strategy guiding your communications, connections and commitments aligned with your values. The final phase is devoted to the
  • evolution and growth, sustaining and the sustainability of your entire eco-system so you love the business and life you are living as you grow and evolve to become who you are in the business and brand you envision.
During this 12 week incubator, you will expand your understanding and experience of integration and embodied leadership: redefining what is a business could be.

Our first 3 weeks are immersed in exploration – ideas, theories, perspectives, ancient and modern teachings to ground a framework for the cycles of creation. We consider business and branding in the context of Capitalism, define the elements of both and why you need a brand. You’ll develop a daily somatic practice as you gather the intellectual and physical elements that will inform the essence of your business and brand vision and what realisation will require of you.

The central weeks honour the sequential nature of creation by containing and framing the practical needs of your enterprise to ensure its ease of delivery and profitability.

Before we complete the cycle we’ll reimagine and redefine your relationship to money, success, power, work and time.

The Practice

The curriculum is designed to hold the space for deep transformation in your relationship with your work, money, business, your body and the earth. Adopting a daily yoga and meditation practice will develop and expand your self-awareness.

Through videos, readings, audio, q&a, group discussions, guided visualisations, worksheets, journalling, and creative exercises, you will become more integrated and embodied as you conceive and build your unique creative enterprise.


  1. Introduction to InsideOut Practice
  2. Who are you?
  3. What are you called to create?
  4. What can and will you do?
  5. What will you exchange?
  6. How will you express your creativity and contribution?
  7. How will you connect and communicate?
  8. How will you evolve and grow?
  9. How will you magnetise and sustain?

InsideOut Practice is experiential learning. It works if you do. It is specifically designed for those who are ready to invest the time and resources to conceive, create and begin to take the steps to realise an integrated business that supports them physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. 

Throughout the 12 weeks, I hold the space for you to feel grounded and centred as you explore and discover, imagine new possibilities, expand your visionary capacity, find your courage, embrace your power and step into your self-leadership and self-mastery as you move through and release fears and blocks. I guide you through the materials with knowledge and tools to embody your business and brand vision.

3 ways you can work with me

InsideOut Practice

12 weeks

12 week incubator for envisioning and building your Personal and Business Vision Guide for your unique way of being and doing business.

You will commit to a short daily practice of yoga to energise your body and meditation to access and develop your intuitive mind.

You will receive access to downloadable videos, audio files, worksheets, readings, visualisations and more that you can use now and add to your business library to use forever.

Please expect to devote 4 hours for lessons each week with an additional 30 minutes daily for your somatic practice. There are 4 integration weeks built into the program to help you embody the teachings and create your Business and Personal Vision Guide. The weekly live q&a calls will give you the opportunity to get personalised feedback on the course materials. There is also the opportunity to meet weekly via phone/skype with an accountability partner to support your process.

You’ll receive 

  • 12 week InsideOut Practice online program
  • Support and accountability
  • 64 videos, 40 worksheets
  • Business and Brand Vision Template
  • 12 Online live and recorded group Q&A
  • 12 live video broadcast yoga classes with me
  • 40 Day Yoga and Meditation Challenge Videos
  • Online discussion group with other students 
  • Video, Audio and worksheets for you to keep
  • Resources and Readings
  • Access to online course for 6 months
  • The Cycles of Creation Guidebook pdf
  • The Spiral of Becoming Print
  • Surprises . . . .


Embodied Business

12 months

Enough time to implement and fully embody a new way of being and doing in business with support and accountability as you apply the teachings in the practical day to day of your business. Mentoring as you experiment and begin to realise your vision.

You’ll receive 

  • InsideOut Practice plus
  • 1 x 50 minute kick-off call
  • 12 x 75 minute mentoring conversations
  • Tailored Diagnostic Tool (pdf)
  • Review and refinement of Vision Guide
  • Video recordings of each session
  • Tailored somatic practices chosen specifically for your unique healing and transformation delivered via video and audio, visualisations, worksheets, recommended readings
  • Constant email access


1:1 Mentoring

3 months intensive

This consulting package is designed for creative business owners/business leaders ready to make fundamental shifts in how they do business in one or two areas of their business.

We’ll open a conversation that guides you through a process of assessment and analysis, co-creation and coalescence, strategy and execution. To know where you want to go we have to get present to what’s working and what’s not, then identify and align your shorter goals and bigger business and life vision. We’ll craft a diagnostic tool and use it to guide your business transformation consulting process. Alignment emerges from the deep work of mining the blocks between your present position and where you want to be so you can create with more liberation, act with confidence and clarity of purpose to deliver greater impact. Our outcome will be a strategic Vision Guide articulating your business value, and next steps. My style of mentoring is a co-creative conversation with support and accountability.

You’ll receive 

  • 1 x 50 minute kick-off call
  • 6 x 75 Minute mentoring conversations
  • Diagnostic tool (pdf)
  • Vision Guide (pdf)
  • Video Recordings of each session
  • Tailored somatic practices delivered via video and audio, visualisations, worksheets, recommended readings
  • Constant email access

If you this resonates with you,
I expect you will have some questions, so . . .