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InsideOut Practice is not business as usual.

Transform your results from the inside out.

What is InsideOut Practice?

InsideOut Practice is a 12 week transformational experience for business and brand leaders where you are invited to cultivate curiosity and life-long learning to:

  • Align you with YOU by unfolding your unique path of growth and evolution
  • Transform your relationships – with yourself and everything else
  • Position yourself for success
  • Create space for what matters
  • Divine and define what you are uniquely positioned to lead
  • Articulate your message so it resonates with your ideal clients
  • Align your actions with your goals and vision and let go of everything else
  • the yogic technology of embodied and empowering leadership transmitted through experience from teacher to student
  • framework, systems and strategies for building a sustainable profitable, values-driven business that serves you and your collective eco-system

How does it does it work?

InsideOut Practice is experiential learning.

It is designed to take you beyond the traditional model of work and business to conceive new levels of prosperity, purpose and sustainable success as you embody new frequencies of power and leadership.

Throughout the 12 weeks, Eilish, invites and supports you to explore and discover the art and science of alchemical success using design thinking methodology, the business and yogi teachings of Kundalini Yoga from Yogi Bhajan, as you enter a learning space to gain a self-sensory relationship with your inner and outer realms of experience.

The program is delivered via video, audio, transcripts, worksheets, recommended reading and resources, weekly live yoga broadcasts, group calls and optional 1:1 mentoring.

Who is it for?

This program is for you if

  • You want to start a business that inspires, supports and sustains you. 
  • You already have a successful business or role within an enterprise but you feel there’s got to be another way. 
  • You want to make money and make a difference.
  • You want more time for yourself and others.
  • You want more creativity and purposeful play, less anxiety and overwhelm.
  • You want to walk your talk, in leadership, communication and relationships.
  • You’re interested in yogic technologies to grow your business and embody your leadership in a service-focused way.
  • You see business as an opportunity for personal growth and professional expression and a place to nurture and empower others in a unique culture.

Without a clear business and brand vision you can feel like you are running to stand still, overwhelmed by the rate of change and paralysed by the fear of future failure or worse you’re hiding behind your past successes.


What you’ll receive

InsideOut Success Classroom

12 weeks of in-depth teachings with weekly live broadcast, q&a, challenges and practices.

InsideOut Methodology Manual

169+ page course manual full of Design Thinking and Aquarian Business concepts, practices and worksheets.

Online Learning Portal

All course materials: videos, audio, practices and abundant references and resources on online portal

What you’ll learn to future proof your business


Mastering the seven natural laws, honouring the cycles of creation tunes your vibration to the universal vibration to access flow and release resistance. Learn to work with cycles, rhythms and sequence of creation to make your success inevitable. 


Intention, energy and work ethic. Discover your psychological and behavioural drivers to create a business that optimises your strengths to expand your mission and amplify your impact. Working alone can be overwhelming and isolating. Learn how to design your day honouring your inner and outer needs and keep momentum and focus to complete long-term projects.


Build a methodology to deliver your work that liberates your time and energy. Create your unique business model and build a framework to manage your business pillars and (future) team. Learn how to hire complementary skills and empower your team to take action on your vision in your day-to-day. 


You know it’s not the best product or people who succeed. Learn how to tell your story and that of your business, cleanly and clearly, so it feels good to you and immediately resonates with those who need that you offer. How can you walk your talk and lead transparently? Intuition, clarity and self-trust are your most valuable assets. Learn how to develop and embody them through your personal practice.


In an always on, always busy Digital Age there are increased pressures and complexity. Anxiety and overwhelm are almost pandemic. Less sleep, less functional capacity, less focus. You need tools to navigate the increasing complexity and prioritise what deserves your attention. Learn how to master your mind so you do less and get more done.


Success is the compound interest on what you do everyday and who you are being as you do it. The Aquarian Age requires a completely new set of leadership skills. Learn the art and science of communication to connect, communicate and elevate everyone in your environment. Learn how to maintain your curiosity and view things from multiple perspectives. Establish and embed a daily personal practice.


Everything is relationship. We’ll examine, explore and redefine our relationship to money, success, your body, your clients, partners, business and life eco-system, the earth and everything else. New money systems are emerging. We’ve engaged a financial expert to talk about what’s happening in the money world and get clear on how to build practical wealth in your business and life.


When your business only exists inside you, it is not real. It has its own spirit and while it comes through you it is not you. Cultivate and write your Personalised Vision Guide for your Business and Life. This will be a living document serving as your map and navigation tool that will contain, inspire and guide you to align, track and measure your daily actions with your goals. Indispensable!


Become a benefactor of your future self. To become the person you imagine in your future – what narrative, practices, skills and actions do you need to cultivate? Learn how to close the gap between your present self and your future self. Eilish will share real-life examples of how she’s applied these teachings in her 25 years of entrepreneurship and what she’s learned along the way.

What others are saying

‘It was better than an MBA. The program completely delivered but the daily practice and personal leadership was the real surprise and a total game changer. I now have more time than I had before and I do a 2 hour practice each day. I used to shake if I wasn’t at work by 6:30 am. Now I often don’t go in until 10 am. All my relationships are better, seriously better. My sales targets are now a ‘Can we?’ game. My conversion went from 35% to 85% within 2 months and is now consistently 90%+ and average sale tripled. It’s not if we’ll sell but how much each sale will be. Our ideal client loves us and refers us. And there’s more. Just do it.’


‘As a constantly evolving and growing small business it’s often difficult to allocate the time to revisit and assess our business as often as we should. Eilish has proved to be the perfect consultant and guide for us. Most importantly, the biggest challenge in the past has been in finding the right person for us to work with. Eilish not only has the skill set and experience but she also has the ability to understand who we are and the value we bring to our customers. Her fresh and experienced eyes have helped us to clarify our market positioning, enliven our brand, redefine our marketing strategy and provide an effective sounding board to divine where to focus our energy and resources to deliver results. We’re ready to fly.’

‘A really well-thought out balance between the pragmatic to-do stuff and the meditative process of opening up the imagination. Eilish knows her stuff and brings diverse skills and talents that encompass practical and grounded reality with intuition and spirituality in a really lovely blend.’

‘Eilish offers an inspiring and highly motivating approach to unlock and enable individuals and organisations. In my experience she questions, challenges and provokes your thinking using an intriguing mix of the hard pragmatic blended with a wonderfully ethereal spirituality. Eilish  can apply her very considerable skills and deliver clear outcomes both one on one and at a much broader level across a community or corporate group.’

‘I most highly recommend any program Eilish Bouchier has to offer. Her gentle, intelligent, warm, experienced, non-judgmental and loving insights on virtually all topics life throws our way in business and life are always welcome and so helpful, and her suggestions as to how to incorporate awareness of the cycles and checking in with how my body is feeling on a regular basis, intention and goal setting, meditation and the like have been invaluable additions to and have greatly deepened my business practice. I always look forward to working with her and get so much out our conversations!’

Leadership is not bestowed. It is earned. The pyramid top down system is being replaced by a cyclical model where leadership comes from within. Those who tune in, will hum with it. Those who are not aligned will struggle. This is why we practice: to become self-sensory self-mastered human beings.



You require different kinds of support at different times. Sometimes you need 1:1 dedicated time as you conceive a new vision, develop a project or you might need accountability and guidance as you implement your strategy in the day to day tasks of realisation. Or, you may be at a significant threshold of change and growth to transform old beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you. We all need support and accountability and a safe space to replenish our vitality, inspiration, courage and creativity.

I work from the philosophy that success is an inside out job. Business growth is fuelled by personal growth.

A seed roots as it shoots, so to grow a tree you must nourish its roots.

To lead a business while living your life, you must grow your emotional capacity to hold the vision as you implement your strategy; stepping into the unknown, tolerating the risk of failure and navigating the inevitable challenges. You must become skilled at managing your mental, emotional and physical energy, while holding the space for others to execute. You must learn to hold your centre in the face of scrutiny, criticism and the sometimes isolated realm of being the leader and culture maker.

Leaders need a mix of clarity, courage, focus, compassion and creativity.

Doubling or tripling your turnover requires you to step into a new story, a new way of being — become the YOU who wears greater responsibility and prosperity with ease and grace.

Living from your deepest values in your business and life means you need to know those values and embody them as a daily practice.

Our work will include conversation, visualisation, intentional practices, a tailored daily practice, resources and reading, energy alchemy as we divine the soul, elevate the mind and the body and develop clear strategy to inspired action. This work is as unique as you are and effective to ensure you are too.

You become the YOU you have committed to be in order to envision and build the business that is calling you.

Deep, sacred soul work that prepares you to hold the space of grace within the grit as you take action to realise your ambitions, plans and vision.