Time to Shine Hair, Flick and Giggle

 New Moon in Leo

A New Moon in Leo
inspires you love, play and create.
Leo’s New Moon is a time
to reignite your inner fire.

Where are you ready to shine your light?
Who are you ready to charm and delight?

The lion is the king (and queen) of the jungle.
There’s no mistaking the golden mane,
the golden coat and the regal bearing.

Aries rushes forward with fresh ideas
that come from your soul for your self expression.
Leo creates to play and shine in relationship to others. Click To Tweet

What’s your message,
your projection,
your radiance,
your gift?
Are you ready to share it
and find joy in its reflected rays.


It takes courage to share your ideas,
your art, your offerings: to be seen,
to perform, to step into your radiance
with your truth, your wholehearted self;
in work, in love, in romance, in play.
Eris (and Uranus) are shaking up things up,
as Pat Liles suggests
“Eris, a feminine consciousness,
disrupts in order to wake us up
from our habitual assumptions,
so we can embrace a larger reality
more aligned with truth…
This is a powerful time of healing 
and balancing the masculine
and feminine archetypes….”
We are seeing signs of discord more frequently
and our challenge is to maintain
our commitment for expansion and love
rather than succumbing to the darkness,
to the fear that contracts us.
We are all capable of wonder and horror
and as long as we continue to see separation
– them versus us – we will see more of it.
These energies are asking us
to acknowledge the injustices.
We cannot ‘fix’ what has occurred
but we can be a force for light
so history doesn’t keep repeating itself,
to create a new story of light and love.
What’s the saying about doing the same thing
over and over again and expecting a different result.
Saturn’s trine to the New Moon (from Sagittarius)
is promising your efforts will be rewarded.
The work you have been doing
or beginning now will bear fruit.
It can be hard to keep our faith,
to hold our vision in the face of uncertainty,
our own doubts and the doubts of others
can demand too much air time.
Try to hold the life force that got you here.
The fire signs are reminders
of the strength and power of the sun
that dissolves our fears
when it wraps us in its fiery glory
heating our bones and melting our resistance.
Here’s a gorgeous New Moon in Leo
meditation from Moon Circles
reminding us of this golden power:

Light above us.
Light below us.
Light all around us.
Light within us.
Radiate your light.

Invite your light to beam from deep
in your being this New Moon.
Plant seeds for your good work
and allow the force of your light
to carry it into the world.
See the opportunities as the universe
gathers its immense resources
to help you bring it into being.
The crystal for August is Peridot
but I can’t help but feeling drawn
to the golden glow of Citrine and its affirmation

I co-create with the Universe
for my highest good and the good of all.

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Illustration by Taylor Stevens