Beyond 2020 Vision: Prosperity & Flow:

Welcome to IMMATERIAL Business School


Friday 21 – Sunday 23 June 2020
10:00 – 17:00

through energetic activation, deep cellular reprogramming, and soul-aligned business strategy.

It’s practical business alchemy.

In this emerging new economy you need different skills.

Honouring the subtle and the material, energetic and rational, supported by systems and strategy, aligning your intentions and actions with your future success story for IMPACT AND INCOME makes your success inevitable.


IMMATERIAL Business School is not business as usual.

  • Actionable insights & wisdom on building your online business
  • Yogic technologies to penetrate the online “noise” & boost sales
  • How to create resonance, relationship & possibility in the digital age

How does it work?

Who are you? Who do you want to be? For whom?
How will you show up & do you best work being your better self?

IMMATERIAL BUSINESS SCHOOL is not business as usual. It is designed to take you beyond the established paradigms of work with transformational teachings and experiential ways of working to experience new levels of purpose, prosperity, fulfilment and sustainable success. 

During this course, Eilish, mentors and guides creative and strategic solutions to navigate this new reality and elevate your business/work + life whatever phase your work is at, dreaming, launching, or scaling your business. 

My invitation is to explore and experience the art and science of alchemical* success using Design Thinking methodology, Aquarian Business Concepts and yogic teachings of Kundalini Yoga from Yogi Bhajan, as you enter a learning space to gain a self-sensory relationship with your inner and outer realms of experience.

The workshop is delivered via live teachings, worksheets, yoga and meditation.

*Alchemist: A leader who integrates material, spiritual, and societal transformation

Who should be there?

This course is for you if you want

  • new tools and skills to adapt and thrive in the new economy
  • You want to use your unique gifts and wisdom to serve and prosper
  • You want to  the future of virtual reality and remote work
  • You want to learn yogic practices and tools to master your energy, connect with your clients and resonate with those who need your work
  • Energetic endurance supported by strategy and systems

What you’ll receive

Classroom & Workshop

Inspiration & teachings, worksheets & feedback, yoga & meditation, healing & transformation. Experiential learning & application. Social Media, Video, Integrated Marketing & Sales, Finance, Products and Services, Experiences, Branding, Content, Charisma, Visibility.

Business & Personal Vision

Bring your ideas and concepts and shape them into an actionable plan and guide. Course manual full of Design Thinking and Aquarian Business concepts, practices and worksheets.

Online Learning Portal

All course materials: videos, audio, practices. References and resources. Access and download to use now and for ongoing reference.

What you’ll learn to elevate your business and empower yourself and your clients.


Learn to work with cycles, rhythms and sequence of creation to realise your most expansive goals and vision.

Energetic expansion and honouring the cycles of creation tunes your vibration to the universal vibration to access flow and release resistance. 

Everything is relationship. We’ll examine, explore and redefine your relationship to money, success, your body, your clients, partners, business and life eco-system, the Earth and everything else. New value systems are emerging. We’ll have a financial expert to talk about money world and get clear on how to build practical wealth in your business and life.


To become the person you imagine in your future – cultivating clarity, consistency and constancy of narrative is a practice of self-psychology, skills and action.

Learn how to close the gap between your present self and your future self through intention, energy and grit. Working virtually can be overwhelming and isolating. Learn how to design your day honouring your inner and outer needs and keep momentum and focus to complete long-term projects.

I will share real-life examples of how I’ve applied these teachings in my 30+ years as a branding communications expert and entrepreneur and what I’ve learned along the way.


Align your actions with your values, virtues, vision and your customers’ unmet needs.

Build a methodology to deliver your work that liberates your time and energy. Create your unique business model that fits you and build a framework to manage your business pillars and (future) team. Learn how to hire complementary skills and empower your team to take action on your vision in your day-to-day. 

Divine and shape your Vision Guide for your Business and Life – a living document serving as your map and navigation tool that will contain, inspire and guide you to align, track and measure your daily actions with your goals. Indispensable!


Learn how to expand and embody your courage and confidence. Own who you are, what you really do and why people care.

The Aquarian Age requires a completely new set of leadership skills. Forget exhausting yourself trying so hard to persuade and convert, let your story show who you are and what impact you have and for whom. How can you walk your talk and lead and inspire transparently? Learn the art and science of communication to connect and elevate everyone in your environment. Intuition, clarity and self-trust are your most valuable assets. 


Discern how to spend your resources (time, energy, money, thoughts, words) more effectively. By creating space for yourself you’ll enter your day prioritising what matters in alignment with your mission. 

All work and no play first dulls you, then burns you out. Sooner or later it will render you less effective and unfulfilled. I’ve been there, it’s not pleasant

You need tools to navigate the increasing complexity of the Digital Age and prioritise what deserves your attention. Learn how to master your mind so you do less and get more done.


You life is the compound interest on what you do and who you are being as you do it each day.

You are your own greatest resource. You have everything you need within you to craft a profitable and sustaining business that emerges from your deepest desires and your inner wisdom, so the business you create and craft will be uniquely yours. It will feel like you, sound like you, look like you and you will want to show up to be in service of it as it serves you and your clients.

What others are saying

 ‘It was better than an MBA. All my relationships are better, seriously better. My conversion went from 35% to 85% within 2 months and is now consistently 90%+ and average sale tripled. Our ideal client loves us and refers us. And there’s more …a total game changer. Just do it.’


‘A really well-thought out balance between the pragmatic to-do stuff and the meditative process of opening up the imagination. Eilish knows her stuff and brings diverse skills and talents that encompass practical and grounded reality with intuition and spirituality in a really lovely blend.’


Eilish offers an inspiring and highly motivating approach to unlock and enable individuals and organisations.’


Eilish has proved to be the perfect consultant and guide for us. Her fresh and experienced eyes have helped us to clarify our market positioning, enliven our brand, redefine our marketing strategy and provide an effective sounding board to divine where to focus our energy and resources to deliver results. We’re ready to fly.’


I most highly recommend any program Eilish Bouchier has to offer. I always look forward to working with her and get so much out of our conversations!’


‘Leadership is not bestowed. It is earned. The pyramid top down system is being replaced by a cyclical model where leadership comes from within. Those who tune in, will hum with it. Those who are not aligned will struggle. This is why we practice: to become self-sensory, self-mastered sovereign human beings.’

Eilish Bouchier – Business and Brand Alchemist


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Or maybe you’re ready for these next steps, if so . . .