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Fox Wardrobes’ dynamic leader believes you can have 10s in all areas of your life. He brings this energy and vision to his businesses. Fox Wardrobes was envisioned from 3 things meetings: a bad customer experience, a parallel business and a vision to make a difference. The team at Fox Wardrobes challenges the typical workplace by placing customer experience at the centre. It’s no surprise that their customers sing their praises everywhere they go.

I met Red Fox at yoga so when he asked me to work on his branding, the yoga and meditation aspect of the InsideOut Practice was a welcome challenge. Together we developed how his ambitious vision could unfold. We elevated the tone and visual brand system to inspire and guide their ideal client. The impact was an increase from 35% to 90% lead conversion within 2 months and a 300% increase in average sale.

We let the tagline ‘creating space for what matters’ lead everything from the brand aesthetic, copy and experience including how he now designs his day, beginning with his daily yoga and meditation practice.