The Business Revolution Handbook



Nature has long been our greatest teacher. What if business also followed nature’s cycles. This book proposes that your business follows the Fibonacci sequence, unfolding in stages from idea to conception, visioning to development and realisation.

With each revolution through the cycle it becomes stronger and more stable like a tree deepens its roots to sustain what is visible above the ground. The book lays out this way of working and also proposes questions to be posited at each stage and the problems you may encounter if your rush or ignore a stage.

Embracing the tensions between realisation and nature’s timing, The Business Revolution Handbook integrates design thinking principles and somatic practices to give you a roadmap to create your business vision and brand leadership as a container both as a force for good in the world and as a place that your like to live in now as you build the business and brand you are proud to grow into. Could you survive and thrive while embodying your values? Could you create a business that promotes your creative expression? Could you experiment with co-creation in a way that redistributes resources and power more generously?