Pathmaker Consulting


Brand Identity


New Zealand

‘Pathmaker, there is no path. You make the path by walking it.’
Antonio Machado

Humans crave certainty and fear boredom. Pathmaker directs projects that puts place at the centre of all its work. Its intention is to create human centred work places that shape the people as they are shaped by the environment they occupy. The team at Pathmaker challenges the typical workplace by placing design well and truly at the core to inspire everyone involved in the creation of the future of work.

We walked with Pathmaker through our InsideOut Practice to develop their vision, tone and visual brand system to elevate the brand to inspire and direct positive co-creation through the challenges and rigours of long and intense project processes.

Departing from the corporate aesthetic that dominates the category, we created a distinctive human centred identity by design; a brand where curiosity and structure work together to create space for robust conversations with the diverse teams and clients necessary to bring large construction projects together.