New Moon Intention & Strategy Sessions

Monthly intention strategy sessions using the Moon’s ‘seed planting’ energy aligned with the specific themes of each New Moon cycle.

This is a wonderful way to work, tapping into the feminine receiving energies of the Moon: intention setting, embodying, taking strategic actions aligned with your intention, then refining those actions as you receive feedback and releasing what’s not working as you move through each of its phases.

Your business may be in dream, start up, grow up, scale up or sustain, buzzing along beautifully with clients on a waitlist or its earnings as unpredictable as 2020 has been thus far or you may be loving it but not pulling in your ideal cleints or  could you be overwhelmed and facing burnout.

These sessions will help you build trust in your intuitive knowing so you build trust in yourself as you cultivate a relationship with the unknown, knowing when it’s the right time to wait, take action and prepare to implement.

Each month we’ll check in with your mission making sure your goals are aligned with your bigger vision and create strategies to move you closer to it.


A 60-90 minute deep dive power session with Eilish, an expert on business and brand strategy where you’ll work through your priorities, framework, blocks and key brand messages.

The purpose of this session is to challenge and clarify your strategic thinking and develop a clear roadmap for the next month aligned with your bigger vision. The contents of the session will be tailored to get to the heart of your unique situation and will include planning worksheets to give you a clear to do list for the cycle and likely a recommended daily personal somatic practice


We’ll meet via Zoom with a coffee and tea. My work process is always conversational, dynamic, co-creative and I aim for effectiveness over efficiency.

For our first session to optimise our time I’ll need some background and insights into your brand and YOU (the business leader) before we meet. Il’ll send you a brand checklist to audit your current brand assets (if you have any), and a detailed questionnaire, so we’re up on your goals, mission, values, concerns, challenges and priorities so that I can do my due diligence and come ready to dive deep taking an objective look at your business and brand.


As above so below and life is better when we’re tuned into the universal flow. We know the micro is in the macro, the seed holds the tree but when we’re too close we can’t see the wood from the trees. This is my version of Eames Power of Ten* These sessions are therapy meets a deep and meaningful. Divining priorities and focus is the consistent work of evolving strategic brand positioning. To know where you are going you have to own where you’ve come from and be present in your now. We gather, collect and cultivate a priorities plan each month on who you need to be to move you and your business closer to your vision each month.

For whom?

My mission is to make creative entrepreneurs commercially clever so you’re

  • in dream up or startup mode – an entrepreneur or a team with a strong vision.
  • in ramp up mode looking to redefine your brand positioning or clarify your strategy.
  • a growing business needing to reimagine your brand culture and for your team, clients and eco-system
  • a mature business developing a sub-brand or introduce new products within your brand stable
  • a mature business expanding into new markets.
  • a creative professional developing your personal brand or product launch

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