Firstly thank you for placing your confidence
and your hard earned cash in you and I working together.

I am humbled and thrilled
to begin to work with you
and will be showing up enthusiastic
and ready to ensure we make clear the way
for your to step forward in your business and your life.

Now the work begins in a playful way. . . .

I’d like you to ponder the questions below
keeping in mind these themes

• love and relationships – romance, family, friends, community, connections
• money and livelihood – work, finances, lifestyle, sustainability, engagement 
• health and wellbeing – physical, mental, food, rest, play, self-care
• creativity and growth – learning, self expression, interests, evolution
• spirituality and service – soul, truth, passions, beliefs, yearnings

Where are you now?

What’s your biggest whinge?

What are you grateful for?

What could work better?

Where would you like to be in 3 years in each of these areas?

Imagine you are there 3 years from now.
How do you feel in your mind, body and spirit?

I’ll be in touch in the next 2 days to set up our time.