Kind Words

Eilish helped me separate facts from fiction. Reality from dreams. Accessible dreams from fantasy. She helped me see my abilities and my gifts and inspired me to use them in ways I got faster results. She does this and so much more. She touches everyone she meets. She just sees things so clearly and knows how to separate them, so you just know what you need to do, then you do it. And it works.

Maeve Howley

Artist and Teacher Barcelona

One of Eilish’ core skills is distilling what I am thinking into a visual solution. She’s a very, very solution based creative. Working with her is always surprising, delightful, playful, warm and extremely professional.

Deborah Brill


Eilish offers an inspiring and highly motivating approach to unlock and enable individuals and organizations. In my experience she questions and challenges and provokes your thinking using an intriguing mix of the hard pragmatic blended with a wonderfully ethereal spirituality.

Eilish can apply her very considerable skills and deliver clear outcomes both one on one and at a much broader level across a community or corporate group.

Tony Wood

Non Executive Board Director, Finance Executive, CEO Blaxland Group LLC

I’ve been meaning to call you for a long time to thank you for your work and working with us. Our brand and communication materials are still working hard for us. I didn’t realise or acknowledge how good it was at the time. People still ask and comment now, and it’s years later.

Douglas Mills

Demand Solar

I loved working with Eilish. She helped me get clear, to trust my intuition and my decisions, to recognise my talents and my part in creating my reality. She is generous, open and honest. She has a wonderful joy for life and it’s adventures, an infectious twinkle and a genuine care to share & transform. She takes the woo-woo out of the practices and makes them real with anecdotes and stories. Her commitment to making a difference to our planet is inspirational – she definitely walks the talk and demonstrates a person making a difference to others by inspired action.

Karen Stace

Macquarie Bank Senior Analyst

Thank you so much for taking me through a great process in Denmark. The end result was surprising to me – not at all what I thought I was supposed to focus on right now. And this is what such an intense process does – especially being guided by you. You really have a great understanding of the visualisation process, and you are indeed able to live up to the oath of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher which says that a teacher is supposed to poke, provoke, confront and elevate the students. Great process, thank you so much Eilish for an eye-opening program – full of laughter and tears. Great great process.


Loved the dynamics, meditation, solo work, partner work, image searching, and food. A truly wonderful experience. So professional in terms of delivery – notes, and exercises but in a really organic and relaxed environment.

Tracy Martin

Human Resources Director

I consult Eilish when I can’t find the solution by myself. She has experienced so many things in life. She has wisdom, knowledge, passion, tools, humility and most of all, a big open heart. She mirrors me back to me, and then I know the things to do that will make the difference. Whatever she does seems to have a touch of magic.

Valentina Mariana


As a constantly evolving and growing small business it’s often difficult to allocate the time to revisit and assess our business as often as we should. Eilish has proved to be the perfect consultant and guide for us. Most importantly, the biggest challenge in the past has been in finding the right person for us to work with. Eilish not only has the skill set and experience but she also has the ability to understand who we are and the value we bring to our customers. Her fresh and experienced eyes have helped us to clarify our market positioning, enliven our brand, redefine our marketing strategy and provide an effective sounding board where to focus our energy and resources to deliver results. We’re ready to fly.

Sharyne Mullens

Webcast Cloud

Eilish brings ideas and products to life in a truly collaborative process through listening, questions, somatic work and design. She drives to achieve an elegant and beautiful solution that’s waiting on the edge of comfort and always surprising. She’s very, very good at what she does. She pushes you to new levels by diving deep to get to the essence in this very lighthearted playful way that feels like the most fun.

Roni Porter

Director Te Ara Experiences

A really well-thought out balance between the pragmatic to-do stuff and the meditative process of opening up the imagination. Eilish knows her stuff and brings diverse skills and talents that encompass practical and grounded reality with intuition and spirituality in a really lovely blend.

Dr Sheridan Kennedy

Jeweller and Alchemist

I most highly recommend any program Eilish Bouchier has to offer. Her gentle, intelligent, warm, experienced, non-judgmental and loving insights on virtually all topics life throws our way in business and life are always welcome and so helpful, and her suggestions as to how to incorporate awareness of the cycles and checking in with how my body is feeling on a regular basis, intention and goal setting, meditation and the like have been invaluable additions to and have greatly deepened my business practice. I always look forward to working with her and get so much out our conversations!

Nicole Mandel Foos


You resonate such wisdom, without the floaty stuff. Really love your work!

Emma P

Intrepid Expeditions

In a world of agreement Eilish pushes back with thought provoking questions that challenges my thinking to land me someplace I could not have imagined alone. She’s a big picture thinker who propels the project forward inspiring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to get there. She’s got that rare quality of macro to micro and connecting seemingly random dots to create new and interesting patterns and pathways. She grasps concepts quickly, is in tune with the current pulse and future thinking. I really appreciate her time and focused intention.

Graeme McClelland