shãshen only sells fine and precious jewels, this means that our jewellers only use the finest silver in our jewellery designs. These fine materials, expert hand crafting and hand finishing and hand selected gemstones ensures the beauty of our products.

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver and other metals, usually copper. Sterling silver is 925 parts per thousand Silver with the remaining 75 parts being other metals. Pure silver is generally too soft for manufacturing into larger objects and for everyday wear, which is why copper is generally used to give it strength while at the same time preserving the ductility of the metal and its beauty.

How to care good care of your jewellery?

The longevity of your enjoyment of your jewellery can be affected by many things. It is important to clean, store and repair your jewels with care. Protect your jewellery from any sharp blows, scratching, chemicals, excess sunlight and heat/cold to minimise their effects. It is ideal to store your jewellery in a soft lined box or pouch such as the bags/boxes we supply when you purchase your pieces. Try to keep the pieces apart so they don’t rub, knock together or tangle. It is also recommended to visit a jeweller annually to have your jewellery cleaned professionally. This will keep them looking pristine.

Care of Gemstones

Store your gemstones in a soft pouch (or the box/bag it came in) when you are not wearing it. Jewels like to be stored separately to avoid banging against each other which can cause scratching.

There are some things to avoid such as salt water and harsh chemicals (not that you want to put your lovely hands or beautiful body in these anyway). So avoid chlorine bleach or detergents. The chemicals erode the finish and the polish of the gemstones leaving them dull.

Hairpsray, perfume and perspiration can also cause dullness if not regularly cleaned off. It is best to wipe the gemstones with a soft damp cloth after each wear. I know, a big ask but just a moment as you put them and yourself to bed will keep them looking their best for the next time you wear them.

Care of Silver

This is a precious and soft metal so is best treated with care. To help prevent silver from tarnishing simply clean with a mild soap and water solution or a silver cleaner or soft felt cloth may be used. Tissue paper or paper towels will cause scratches.

Do not wear in chlorinated water (this applies to all your jewellery). This will discolour it. Store it away from excessive light and air as this can accelerate tarnish. Ideally keep silver jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place.

Care of Gold

Remove your gold jewellery when you shower or bathe as soap tends to cause a film that can make it appear dull. Use a soft jewellery polishing cloth with a tarnish preventative periodically to maintain its lustre and shine.

Care of your pearls

Don’t save your pearls for special or formal occasions only. Do remember to put them on after you have done your hair and makeup. Soak them very briefly in a warm water/mild soap solution, then rinse and lay on a towel to dry. Pearls need to be restrung when they become loose between the knots or when you see the silk at the end of an unknotted strand. It is recommended to check whether they need restringing annually.