The freedom of discipline

  • Three words have guided me for much of my life.
  • Beauty, truth and lightness.

  • They brought me to design, satisfying my curiosity for how things work and what I learned is it’s more about how people work. Even when two businesses seem so alike it’s who is driving them that marks their difference.
  • Good design is invisible and carefully crafted just as a business evolves and grows with the people within it.
  • It expands and contains, attracts and deflects, guides and embraces, feeds and heals, systemises and frames, liberates and differentiates. It speaks symbolically and universally.
  • I am your exploration guide, branding guru and co-creator.

  • We’re in this together to develop integrate our clarity and confidence.
  • We believe in the magic of reality, wild possibilities, and joyful success.
  • We engage mind, body and soul.
  • We lead from mind (strategy), heart (passion) and gut (intuition).
  • I am your most fearless cheerleader and committed supporter.
  • I am the best value you have ever received.
  • My work treads a convivial and committed practice of curiosity, conversation and creativity. Asking better questions to elicit your embodied wisdom. Together we make conscious choices, establishing constraints while challenging convention to unfold the radical nature of your offerings.
  • I guide you as you craft the vision guide you dwell in, beautiful visuals (only if you need them) you delight in and a brand you are proud to grow into. You may need logos, websites, business cards and printed matter and you may not 🙂
  • We become collaborators and co-creators and likely new best friends, deepening our trust and faith in each other, enjoying the benefits of the freedom of our playful discipline.

Until soon

x Eilish

Our work is guided by these principles



  • Get back in your body. You are enough.
  • Being sensible is being present with all your senses: taste, touch, sight, hear, smell, intuition.


Be Creation

  • Embody your values. Know and own your value.
  • Create a vision that inspires and motivates you to become it.
  • Cultivate a relationship with the unknown.
  • Consider everything an experiment.
  • Recall and reclaim all parts of yourself: your purpose, passion, pleasure, prosperity and play.


Be in Action

  • Co-create with the universe for the highest good of all.
  • What you do and who you are being every day is who you become.
  • Know your rhythms. Honour your flow between dynamic creation and focused action.
  • Accomplish your goals. Work, restore and play every day.



  • Give generously. Receive with grace. Open to ease.
  • Share your offerings from a place of win-win-win-win. People, purpose, planet, profit.
  • Trust there’s more than enough for everyone. Play nicely and share.
  • Cultivate compassion. Look for what’s good in everyone, every place and everything.



  • Ask for what you need. Share who you are, your wisdom and insights.
  • Speak your truth with courage, kindness and compassion.


Trust you know what you know

  • Trust your inner knowing.
  • Reclaim joy. Redefine success. Open to wonder.
  • Ask and you shall receive the answer.


Connect with all that is

  • We’re all in this together: people, plants, animals, earth, universe.
  • Be humble. Be powerful. Be nimble.



  • Be the lighthouse. Become who you are. Be the change you want to see.
  • Your business/work/way of being can be a force for good in the world, serving yourself and others. Honour your commitments to yourself. Cultivate a daily practice. Embrace the adventure towards self-mastery.