Full Moon in Sagittarius at Summer (NH)/Winter (SH) – Delusions, Illusions with no luxury of Conclusions

The Full Moon illuminates.

The solstice magnifies.
This is our second Full Moon in Sagittarius:
the archer pointing towards new directions.
Expect big changes, big energies.

Every New Moon bring an opportunity to plant new seeds
for what you’d like to cultivate during its cycle.
I find the cycle from the New Moon to the Full Moon,
brings awareness to where I am resisting
bringing that intention fully into being.
My intention on the New Moon was surrender,

The irony of choosing this intention
was not lost on me as I worked
to get all the elements in place,
for the Community I am about to launch.
I had been hunkered down with my computer
trying to do it all on my own,
(another irony) solo work
is not a very communal practice.
So this is how it played out:
My website was down for 4-6 days,
not completely but more annoyingly
and unpredictable: intermittently.

My lovely web lady was deep in the countryside
pinning blue ribbons on pedigree bulls,
as she should have been living life and loving it.
My web man was in Bali,
again living life his way.

I was doggedly pressing on
(not very surrender like,
I hear your eyebrow rise)
going into the back end of the website
making changes that never appeared.
Days lost in the ether.
Fighting not only my elemental nature
but the natural order of things.
You see, not only not, my zone of genius,
but my zone of gravitational impertinence
(polar opposite to magnetic),
Oh, I can be a determined little ram.

Quite the antonym to surrender,
was I completely blind?

Of course not I wan conscious and stubborn,
Conscious and focused.
But running and standing still.
And yet through it all, I remained quite unabashed.
I knew it was out of my control.
I knew I couldn’t will it into being.
I finally surrendered.
I let go and let God.

And so . . .
My delightful web lady returned with excited stories
of country fairs and bulls that sold
for four score and more.
My web man emailed, he’d updated the software
and the fonts had gone south.
But we rallied and got back on track.

The upside.
I put together a brief for a VA
which my intuition has been prodding me to do for months.
(Nothing great or good is every accomplished alone.)
I finally acted on my intuition from Saturn’s insistent prod and poke
which continues relentlessly,
until we learn; break those patterns,
and collapse the story,
Until we align.
and step into flow,
Until we work with the natural order of things,
and acknowledge our gifts and use them.
Until we grant others the joy of using theirs,
and finally surrender; and
ask for guidance (and then do something with it)

It’s been a big few weeks.
I’m kinda exhausted.
I’m also exhilarated at the prospect of help,
of collaboration, of community.
Do you want to be part of it?

It means I need to step up,
to stop pretending this is not a business,
It means I need to breathe into
my flow, into my know:
helping others to see their gifts,
and truly own them,
shining a 1000 watt light on their potential
and helping them find their courage,
and craft their story
so they can move their mountains,
master their magic;
feel all powerful and humble
at the joy of being it, sharing it and doing it
and getting paid for it.

You see in the last few weeks amidst all the chaos,
there has been conversations with clients
who are ready to start their own things,
but not really knowing which way to go.
It’s scary I know to listen to the call,
to put themselves out there with what they know they know,
stepping into their unique flow,
complete with their gifts, to offer like seeds so others may sow.
They’ve worked to be there.
They are ready but like me and probably like you,
they’re resisting too.

What if they fail, and are ridiculed,
what if they aren’t taken seriously
what if they seem arrogant,
what if they can’t support themselves, their families,
and the list is endless.

But reverse that and what if they succeed
and are exalted, what if they are listened to
and acted upon, oh, what responsibility to bear then?

And I finally accepted my job is to hold the space,
while they wade through all of this,
to stop them stepping into territory,
where they sabotage themselves
(I’ve done it several times and know the signs quite well)
to listen, to guide if needed, to reassure, to gently prod,
but mostly just to hold the space,
to provide a safe home base.

Sure there are tools and techniques,
there are branding and design elements,
but those are much less vital
than the real work which is
guiding them to go inside to truly know and accept,
who they are and own their power,
so what they feel on the inside can be
brought into form in the material world,
which is crying out for such authentic things.

In the end this is the work,
the only work we are all doing.
And it takes courage, hearts and buckets of it . . .

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It’s a bright Full Moon
and its asking you to stop pretending
to step beyond the illusions and delusions.
They are becoming more apparent anyway.
As Divine Harmony suggests

“So we have this image of not only chapters completing
but perhaps a whole volume of life ending.. .

The desire to escape is strong right now
and yet the path of mastery requires we stay the course,
stay embodied
and show up to do the work.

These energies are calling you to
strengthen your practice with yourself
and contain yourself within.
You are all you ever need and it takes a lifetime to learn this.
How to hold ourselves and be in communion with others
in relation to them but still being who we are.,
So this Full Moon is asking:
Observe your truth and how well you live it.
Observe the collective truth and the gaps in it.

So what do you need to release,
to reveal to yourself to others.
It’s not about finding fault but finding a way through,
a way to bring your light in whatever way you can.
Fully embodying who you are, fully accepting
your gifts and limitations, challenges and triumphs,
your imagined disabilities and capabilities;
while holding your vision, your greater view,
and getting into action on it.

Feel into what your body is asking for
whether you are in summer or in winter.
Use the time, feel the energy,
Solstice is a time of change.
Full Moons are an allowing, a releasing time,
an adjusting time.
Allow the changes to come through you.
Work with your spirit, feel your emotions,
and let those  feelings just pass through.

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