Alchemy of Alignment in the Virtual Age


Friday 19 – Sunday 21 June 2020

What is IMMATERIAL Business School?

IMMATERIAL Business School teaches and mentors you:


Actionable insights & wisdom on building your online business


Yogic science and technology to penetrate beyond the ‘noise’ & create connection


How to create meaning and trust in relationships in the digital age


How business leadership starts with self-leadership

How does it work?


IMMATERIAL Business School is not business as usual. It is designed to activate, transform and integrate new ways of thinking and doing. It is invitational, conversational and experiential to take you beyond the traditional concept of work or linear business models to a new level of prosperity, fulfillment and true success.


In this varied program, Eilish and her team of experts teaches energetic, strategic & creative solutions to navigate this emerging reality, to enlighten and elevate your work and business online.

Who is it for?


This course is for you if:

• You want new tools and techniques to adapt & thrive in the new relationship economy

• You want to use your unique mix of gifts, skills and experience to serve your community

• You’re want to navigate the future of virtual reality & remote work

• You want to learn yogic science & practices to expand your energetic endurance

• You want to attract and resonate with your clients & create and eco-system for sustainable success

• You want to rock your rhythms to make your success inevitable and create sustainable cycles of success.


In this varied program, Eilish and her team of experts teaches energetic, strategic & creative solutions to navigate this emerging reality, to enlighten and elevate your work and business online.

What you’ll receive


Interactive & Experiential

A training course full of inspiration & practical gems to accelerate your business + life dreams to realisation

16 A4

Course Manual

Receive a course manual full of philosophy, teachings, practices, tools & techniques.


Online & Replays Portal

All course materials, videos and resources are yours to access within our online portal

Emerge even stronger.
Empower more.
Elevate higher.

It’s worth repeating we are living in changing and challenging times.
The way through needs our collective courage, fearless creativity and intentional power.

It’s time to make your ideas real by adding your voice to the conversation and dialling up your visibility in ways that feel good while you do your good work.


Join me and other light leaders to envision Beyond 2020



A virtual 3 day course Learn to build bridges between the old and new way of being and doing in business, to show up as we adapt in an uncertain economic landscape. Emerge even stronger personally to be more effective and impactful in your work and life.


Join us for 3 days of interactive conversations and workshops, somatic practices and processes with Eilish, serial entrepreneurs and experts. We have more experts on more topics this time. Show up and we’ll meet you wherever you are on your journey to awakening the new era we haven’t yet defined but we are creating together. Leave with an actionable plan ready to implement.


Let’s imagine it together.


Let’s create its energetic blueprint together.


Eilish Bouchier, Founder Immaterial, Business and Brand Strategist

Eilish Bouchier, Business and Brand Strategist,

With 30+ years of experiential wisdom, Eilish helps you get the results that matter to YOU. Making your ideas real takes courage, grit and power. Build a business/work you love to live in and a brand you are proud to grow into. Plan for your success – embodied and empowered, intuitive and strategic, systematic and soulful.
Eilish integrates design thinking and somatic work with individual and groups to make creatives commercially clever with a range of online programs and ongoing support sessions as needed.

Louise Charman-James Accredited Sound and Light Channel, Authentic Voice Activator

Louise Charman-James, Sound Healer and Spiritual Mentor

Louise Charman-James is an Accredited Sound and Light Channel, Voice Activator and Soul Mentor, who supports wayshowers and conscious creators to express their authentic voices and unique gifts. She uses sound healing, light language and The Compassion Key modality to guide her clients and students to their highest self-expression and service. Louise is based in Australia and has been offering her service and creations to groups and individuals since 2011. She offers regular meditation and sound healing events as well as a range of online programs and 1:1 coaching. 

Ciara Gaffney, Senior Legal Counsel First State Super

Ciara Gaffney, Senior Legal Counsel First State Super

Ciara Gaffney is a Senior Legal Counsel at First State Super. Ciara is an active member of Women in Super. 

Removing myths about finance being ‘all too hard’, I’m passionate about helping women better fund their futures. Following human rights and mentoring work, as part of the superannuation industry, my focus is to advocate to make super fair for women. Shocking statistics show women retire with well over 40% less than men – I want to do what I can to change this!

Moving from Ireland over 10 years ago, being part of the Irish business community and loving living by the ocean and being a beach lifesaver makes me feel like I’m part of the community here.

Frank Boffa, Meditation Facilitator and Financial Modeller

Frank Boffa, Meditation Facilitator and Financial Modeller

A transformation initiator who guides people and organisations to move beyond self-imposed limitations, into the exploration and expression of their greater potential. His work supports the uncovering of your deeper truth and purpose as the guiding force that directs you to your most fulfilling path and most rewarding outcomes, both in your own life and your co-creations with others. Frank’s 25 years of corporate experience, 15 years of guiding group and one-on-one processes, his training in energy healing and his passion for creative expression, are all woven together in his unique offerings. 

Corona Brady, Founder of the Energy for Life Academy

Corona Brady, Founder of the Energy for Life Academy

Corona Brady is the CEO and Founder of the Energy For Life Academy. She’s a Holistic Life Coach & Mentor for Women, Mind Detox Therapist, Kundalini Teacher, Podcast Host & Producer and Speaker for more than 10 years. She’s helped professional women from all over the world transform their burnout, stress and overwhelm to reclaim their innate power and vitality. Corona’s mission is to help prevent burnout in 1 million lives by 2040 via her online masterclasses and programs, mentoring, retreats, and live events.

Skye Garside, Executive Recruiter, Coach and Founder of Leaders in Kind

Skye Garside, Executive Recruiter and Founder of Leaders in Kind

Skye Garside is an executive recruiter, coach and mentor. She advocates to start bringing yourSelf to the table, at work, in business and as a leader. Skye works with executives, business owners, professionals and freelancers, helping them harness the power of integrity and alignment to create dream teams and dream careers. She uniquely blends 20+ years experience in executive recruitment with qualifications in yoga, mindfulness and transpersonal art therapy to expand the conversation around defining opportunity and success, working in the digital age.

Ann Louise Holland Shaman, Venus and Vesta Astrologer

Ann Louise Holland Shamanic Homeopath, Venus and Vesta Astrologer

Ann-Louise is a shamanic homeopath and astrologer with an e-commerce business selling nutritional beauty supplements.
I worked in big blue chip corporate world in PR & marketing before transitioning to astrology, but in truth I have always been an astrologer and the signs were there all along – I just didn’t listen.  Now I pay attention and every time I read someone’s chart, I see potential they have not yet perceived, so I see it as my duty to bring ideas and ways of approaching the working life to light via astrology. I do this via the personal chart but also using the rhythms of the planets to drive forward our desires to get the best results.  I can’t wait to join this amazing group for future minded business success.

Caroline Marson, Digital Content Producer

Caroline Marson, Digital Content Producer

Caroline has 25 years experience as a freelance stylist, food creator for TV, Film, Commercials and Social Media and was the former Cookery Editor of Good Housekeeping.  She is a trained Cordon Bleu chef and is passionate about food that heals us, and the planet. She  has written her own cook books, and photographs, films and edits all her online vegan cookery courses, and social media presence on her iPhone. She has been a personal food stylist for people like Gordon Ramsay, Raymond Blanc and has worked as a  freelance on many food TV Shows in the UK and Australia and her work appears in magazines such as Homes and Gardens, Delicious Australia and Tatler and Harpers & Queen.

Joe Blaney, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Heartsights

Joe Blaney, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Heartsights

Joe has worked in sales and marketing for 40 years running sales teams across the globe with decades at IBM. His passion is helping people remove the limiting beliefs to find the natural sales style within us all. And as Yogi Bhajan stated ‘We are all salespeople.’ His session focuses on what’s preventing you from selling well, from having conversations to help you understand what your ideal wants and needs and then guiding them to making a good decision for them. Can you listen deeply to understand, rather than being focused on your intention to sell. People buy from people they like and who show genuine knowledge, care and understanding of what they are seeking to solve through their interaction with you.