InsideOut Practice (IOP) is designed for current and emerging entrepreneurs. If you’re not already running a business, but have a relatively clear concept for the business you want to create, IOP can certainly help you clarify the shape, form and content of your emerging business.

I’ve had several early stage entrepreneurs in past classes, who have made significant progress towards launching their businesses into the world. However IOP does not teach business as usual. There is little or no time spent focusing on SEO, SM, sales funnels that are pervasive in the online world right now. We are focused on embodied business to create a sustaining and sustainable business model that serves you and your business now and well into the future. Our approach in every area: people, products, marketing, sales, business models, revenue and lead generation, among other things, is always an inside out approach. I believe you are your greatest resource. You have everything you need within you, to craft a profitable and sustaining business that emerges from your deepest desires and your inner wisdom, so the business you create and craft will be uniquely yours. It will feel like you , sound like you look like you and you will want to show up to be in service of it as it serves you and your clients.

InsideOut Practice (IOP) might well be perfect to guide you through this transition as its focus is on transforming YOU to transform your business. The first 3 steps in IOP are concerned with who you are and what you are called to create and why everything you have done thus far has been leading you to this exact business/work. I believe you can apply your skills, gifts, experience in many ways and some ways are much more suited to your way of being than others. It is in the doing that you become more fully who you are as you interact with your world of business and iterate accordingly. The energy alchemy tools and skills you’ll learn in IOP can help you connect more deeply with the spirit of your business and your own soul. You will consult and co-create with your business what it wants to become. The answer may surprise you! The spirit of your business contains its essence, as well as the different and evolving forms it will take over the course of its evolution. IOP will give you the tools to clarify and give specific shape and form to this evolution.

InsideOut Practice is a powerful introduction and journey in working with the tools and processes of energy alchemy, applied to the creative container of your business and life, your leadership, self mastery and your soul’s journey. The program will provide you with deep foundational skills which you can use to dive deep during 1:1 mentoring sessions. I advocate to begin here for a number of reasons whether you are seeking to embody your leadership within a company, team or your own enterprise. Firstly, the exposure to others questions and challenges often makes our own less strange. Sometimes in the questions of others we receive answers we did not know we were seeking and there is the comfort and the camaraderie of shared experiences and celebrations. Some people thrive in the structured environment of a program, with support from their fellow students. Others thrive when they are working 1:1, with specific focused attention and personal mentoring. Some people like the mix of both. If you clearly know what works best for you, then please choose that. If you aren’t sure then, I suggest beginning with IOP. I believe in long term relationships as they create an intimacy and shorthand that takes time to cultivate so if you choose to continue to work with me after IOP, you will already have the energy alchemy skills with which to powerfully shape the evolution of your business as we address specific challenges and develop new projects. Ultimately, what you choose depends on your own needs, learning style, budget and schedule. It also depends on where you are, in your own evolution and the evolution of your business.

Everything including your business has its own spirit. This follows the concept of the Fibonacci that within the seed lies the pattern for the unfolding of its full potential. Working consciously with this unique pattern to realise its full potential, you are aligning yourself with your business’ essential ecology. This allows your business to evolve cyclically, in rhythm and harmony with its natural ecology, with effortless effort, ease and grace amidst the challenges that will inevitably come up. Working this way your purposeful work will seem to inexplicably attract powerful multi dimensional resources and advocates in multi dimensions who want it to flourish as much as you do. By cultivating your relationship with your business spirit you are learning to co-create and collaborate with these resources make your business’ success inevitable to create a business model that serves, supports, empowers and enriches everyone and everything in its eco-system – your needs, your clients, team, suppliers, planet and more. You will define what success means to you and focus your resources to get the results that matter to you. Your business will be a force for good in the world as you create and build the business you truly want to live in, shape the brand and become the person you are proud to grow into. Here are some things others who have take IOP has said about their experience with the program.

Oh, so many gifts and unexpected treasures! The tangible outcome is a vision guide that will serve as a living reference for your business and personal vision as you both grow and evolve. The intangibles are the embodied confidence and conviction in the impact your deliver for clients who love what you help them accomplish and value you accordingly. Expect to feel more confident, peaceful, prosperous and patient, to walk taller, articulate your value more clearly and feel less attached while more committed to specific goals and outcomes. But don’t believe me read the wholehearted testimonials from past clients.

My recommendation is to allow 6-8 hours per week for 8 weeks and 3-4 for the integration weeks. The intention of the daily yoga and meditation part of the program is to cultivate a daily discipline for self-care and reflection. (30 minutes daily). There is also a 1.5 hour yoga class to deepen the philosophy and practice each week. The teachings and worksheets will take 2-3 hours for each step. The program is designed for intimate personal growth and deep learning that will impact your business and life long after the program is completed. The classes are delivered digitally so that you can pause the video at any time, and work with them at your own pace. This is experiential learning, designed for you to not only learn but to embody the teachings as you apply them through your day. This means your engagement with each lesson will transform you if you are open to it. Learning means change and change is challenging. Such deep transformation has its own rhythm and timing, and it is not isolated to your work. It will be a unique experience for each person and also depends on everything else going on in your life, how you process change, and how the specific challenges and gifts you encounter meet the program materials. Each of you will meet the different steps in different ways and at different levels. Different themes will evoke different responses and require deeper exploration than others because we all address different needs at different times. Know that you can return to the materials at any time and with each encounter you will receive different insights. I know I do.

Know you have constant access to me via email during the 12 weeks of the program. I will reply mostly within 24 hours and often sooner. I read everything that’s posted on the forum, and will check in there every other day. However, I respond directly to questions primarily on the live broadcast calls. IOP is highly experiential, and my approach is one of exploration and discovery. The somatic work, teachings and worksheets are carefully designed to hold the space for you to have an experience of yourself as you access your own truth and inner knowing rather than rely on received responses. An important part of the journey is to cultivate and learn a deepening trust in yourself. One way to do this is by learning to take the time to ask your own questions, and while trusting the answer will come, befriend your impatience and work with the energy alchemy tools and techniques. You will build your own toolkit for your experience library. you will also have access to the growing Q and A area in the IOP program materials. Many find that their questions have been asked before and my responses offer guidance while continuing to encourage you to explore your own specific response and learn to trust your own intuition and discovery. You can post your questions and specific struggles on the forum. Fellow participants in the program generously support each other. There is always a wealth of collective knowledge and wisdom to draw upon. Any outstanding questions that need to be addressed can be asked on the live broadcast calls, where you’ll receive direct guidance and mentoring from me. Remember this program is designed to empower you to cultivate a deep trust in your own inner knowing. Support is offered generously and I will be holding space for you throughout the entire program however if you prefer prescriptive answers and for others to take responsibility for your outcomes this is unlikely the right program for you. 

Each week, the materials for that step will be posted in the private program areas. There will be video files, google docs, pdfs and url links. You can download these to your computer, and listen/look at the class at any time that works for you. The google docs/pdfs can be viewed on your computer, or you can print it out and read it on paper. When you register, you will receive instructions on how to access the program area. This is a private online forum where you can connect with the IOP community to share your intentions, insights, stories, discoveries and questions. In the weekly discussion area, you can ask for and receive support and accountability from your fellow participants, offer your own support in return, and celebrate your successes in community. Once a week we will meet for a live broadcast call, where you can ask questions and get direct mentoring and support from me. I suggest you can listen and learn from others’ questions and my responses to them. Since IOP attracts students from all over the world, and in wildly differing time zones, the calls are held on Fridays at 5:00 am AEST. This allows as many folks to participate as possible. These calls are recorded, so you can listen to them later. If you aren’t able to attend the live calls, you can email your questions up to 24 hours before each call each week, and I will answer them on the call. In addition to the 12 live broadcast calls, we will meet for a final completion call on the last day of your program and remember you have three 1:1 calls as part of the program.

The course materials are yours to download and keep forever. You’ll have access to the virtual classroom for 12 weeks. During that time, you can download all of the video, audio and written materials to your computer, to keep and use for as long as you wish. Many participants continue to use the materials from this program for years after the course is over.

Everything in IOP is designed to create a safe and welcoming space in which you can show up, ask your specific questions, and share your stories, challenges, delights, triumphs and insights, if you choose to do so. However it’s your responsibility to notice your own behaviour and take action to serve your own growth and evolution. As soon as each person registers I create and hold a space for your transformational experience to happen gently and powerfully. Program participants often talk about their sense of feeling safe, belonging, loved and cared for within our sacred circle, and how this allows them to make profound shifts with ease. The level of sharing is often deep, authentic and vulnerable. And of course there are guiding principles, one of which is that everything that goes on tour stays on tour to ensure everyone’s confidentiality. However, you are always free to choose to how much or how little you participate. We respect you as a sovereign being who knows how best to care for yourself.

Working with me will change you and this program will transform you, your business, and your life if you commit to participate wholeheartedly. If you prefer to play around the edges and not be all in, are ambivalent about transformation, prefer to dip your toe in, or prefer to maintain the status quo, then, IOP is unlikely for you. The program will give you the tools and skills to grow your business by transforming yourself. You will commit to exploring your own strengths and weaknesses, your unlimited self and where you limit yourself, you light and shadow and to take full responsibility for choosing and creating the business and life you desire. IOP is a journey of deep diving to explore and discover, who you are and how you guide your decisions, and drive your actions, what you’re called to create and why you are perfectly qualified to realise it. You’ll receive the tools, skills, structure and guidance to support you along the way. But, if you’re looking for someone to tell you exactly what you could or should do, this program won’t work for you. If you find it confronting to accept responsibility for your choices and actions or want someone else to do the work for you. If you’re unwilling to cultivate a daily practice or connect with your inner creative power, or if you simply don’t have the time, energy or discipline to do the work, the program won’t work for you. If you resist the belief in your soul and subtle energies, and exploring how they work in your business and your life, this is not the right program for you. If the above concepts trigger you, you will be afraid of cultivating a relationship with your power, projection and the unknown. You will not be able to embrace the shadow aspects of yourself and will self sabotage your own exploration and discovery. This program is designed to support you to be curious about who you are and your soul’s journey, exploring your inner world with love and compassion so you can unfold the gift that is your business and your life with clarity and grace. It also asks you to engage with IOP as a powerfully transformative journey that requires resilience and the capacity to take responsibility for your own inner states of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in a compassionate way. IOP is not intended and is certainly not a substitute for psychotherapy. If you are experiencing an emotional or mental health issue that requires professional treatment, or feel fragile and tender IOP may not be the right program for you.

Both is the right answer. The energy alchemy skills the program is designed to teach are best learned by applying them to a specific business/work situation. In my experience having a real business or project to apply the learnings to directly is most effective as you can almost immediately witness the teachings come to life in a specific context. However, it isn’t necessary to have a specific project in mind when you begin the program. Often a project will emerge as you begin uncovering the learnings in the first 2-3 steps. Projects can and do change, as you get deeper into the program and you develop a deeper relationship with your true desires.