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eb.be.insta.#IOB&BV7Take control of your business.

Entrepreneur and Freelancer 2 hour workshop

Design thinking in action meets practical financial nouse.

Do what matters. Work on purpose.

Cultivate relationships and profit.

Build a sustainable and sustaining business that works for your life.

As business owners ourselves, we are all too aware of the pressures and issues that keep you awake at night. Juggling time, effort and resources (including hard cash) can sometimes seem like a constant battle. We believe by coming together entrepreneurs and freelancers can build more robust businesses and do better than trying to figure out these issues alone.

This short workshop will dig deep into the personality and motivation of you the business owner – what drives you, what stops you, what accelerates your growth

  • Why did you strike out on your own in the first place?
  • Are you doing the right things at the right time?
  • Do you have the foundations and frameworks in place to serve you and your business?
  • What were your goals and expectations?
  • Have you achieved them or does it feel like just another job but with longer hours and less pay (and without the security)!

For us, it’s about taking control, leading our businesses and lives our way, the ability to make our own decisions without the bureaucracy of the corporate world.

For you it may have been the desire to express your creative side or to enjoy a lifestyle where you spend more time with family and less time at the office.

How did that go for you?

We will explore a number of themes and introduce techniques which will help you to get to where you expected you would be by now and want to be. Give us 2 hours and you’ll walk away with

  1. a clearer idea of who you are and how your specific mix of skills, talents and experience could work for you
  2. the steps to create a business and brand – the questions to ask and actions to take at each stage of building your business
  3. what you need to do before you start or if you’ve already started a framework to make your success inevitable

Our guiding principle is that business is an adventure in work as play.

This workshop will also be useful for those working on a freelance or contractual basis or still in the corporate world and planning (or have been for years!) to start their own business.

Once you register we’ll send you 3 questions to prepare you to get the best outcome for your time investment.

Soft drinks, beer and wine included.

There is another way – a simpler, prosperous and fulfilling way.

Come and create a road map for your way. We look forward to meeting you there.