Decision vs Commitment

Do you decide or do you commit?

I, for one,
have made a lot of decisions in my life
and far less commitments.

I’ve decided to lose 10 kilos.
To swim every day,
to be openhearted,
to be on time,
to run 5 km three times a week,
to be a designer,
to record my receipts,
to do good work,
to always be present,
to only say generous and kind words,
to think only good thoughts,
towards myself and others.

To start a business
to move to Australia,
to move to Spain,
to speak Spanish fluently,
to get married.

Some of these things
I’ve followed through on.
Some wholeheartedly
others not even half-heartedly.
I gave up before I even got started,
or very soon thereafter.
A lacklustre effort which ensured failure.

A decision is a moment in time.
A commitment requires action. 

And Goddammit,
it mostly requires repeated action.

It needs staying power, grit,
to get through obstacles, and
grit in the face of my own resistance.

It needs me to hold the vision so
I recommit again, and again

Decisions are much more fluffy and fun.
Let’s go to New York for your birthday.
Yes let’s.

Without committing the cash,
booking the flights,
allocating the time.
It’s just a dream.

Do you honour your commitments,
to yourself? to others?
How do you feel when you fail to follow through?
How do you feel when you complete a project, realise a dream?

Before you make any decision ask yourself
why do I want to do this?
Where’s there’s a big enough WHY,
there’s a way.

Enjoy your day

x Eilish



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