InsideOut Practice for Business and Brand Visioning

‘Sometimes we operate under the misconception that we can control the circumstances of the outside world. What we can do is control our inside worlds. That is a gift given to us. And that is where we must start.’ 
Yogi Bhajan

InsideOut Practice integrates design thinking and embodiment practices.

You consciously design your business and brand framework as you live into it. You will recall and reclaim all parts of yourself to create your most audacious vision. As part of the program you will commit to a daily yoga and meditation practice to build your self-awareness and embody your self-confidence. You’ll integrate your new vision mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. From experience working in this integrated way manifests wild results in the material world as you translate what’s internal to your external material world.

InsideOut Practice is an adventure in weaving together your essential self with your purposeful self, aligning what you are called to create and how you are uniquely qualified to deliver value to those who need it and want it.

It creates a container for your business, so you serve it, as it serves its clients. And completing the cycle, it serves you.

You stop flapping about and replace procrastination and doubt with focused direction. You enter the dance between asking and receiving, dynamic creation and required action. You reflect on the outcomes and course correct as needed. 

InsideOut Practice is for creative professionals and professional creatives who are successful and see leadership as purposeful co-creation in service of something bigger than themselves. They are committed to their own evolution and growth as they grow their businesses and the people they work with. They are mindful and respectful of their eco-system – people, purpose, planet, profit. They will not compromise their integrity or their relationships for short term gain. They are playing an infinite game.

Work with people who love what you help them accomplish and with whom you expand and grow. Afterall, we’re all in this together.

Getting clear on who you are and what value you deliver, to help others accomplish their goals is a sure path to achieving your own whether

– you are a corporation of one or a work within a complex global business
– you are working on a project, or revisiting your purpose and brand expression
– you are successful but feel out of alignment and want to redefine whom you best serve and how

InsideOut Practice evolved from a desire to dig deeper, to integrate what looks good, feels good and is for good. I discovered to lead your work begins with leading yourself. 

It moves beyond

– brand look and feel as a superficial makeover
– marketing just to sell more
– storytelling just to seduce

InsideOut Practice believes in business as a force for good in the world, a desire to create products and services that helps others accomplish their goals, while working from your essential truth; being who you are and becoming your best self.

InsideOut Practice delivers a brand vision, positioning and business framework by

– integrating who you are, what drives you, what you’re best at
– resonating with and attracting those you best serve
– equipping you to own your skills, gifts and unique experience to be more real and human with your brand messages
– embodying the conviction and consistency in the design of your brand look and feel
– by getting you clear and consistent on your expertise, and how you are uniquely equipped to deliver it

We will return with a business and brand visioning guide that gives you the confidence to show and tell your clients the value you uniquely deliver to get the results they want. It operates as a navigation system for you to realise your most audacious vision.

We always start with who you are and envision where you want to go.
We always end with a clear brand position – a personal and a business one (most entrepreneurs will build several businesses) 
and a packaged brand framework. This framework includes some or all of the following.
– brand story, headlines, messaging and offerings (always)
– designed logo, typography, colour palette (if appropriate)
– brand imagery – photography and/or illustration (if appropriate)
– content planning, marketing and collaboration plan (always)
– brand conversation/sales slides (always)

Your brand will look, feel and sound essentially you. It will adapt as you evolve and grow, as your business grows and changes along the way.

InsideOut Practice is embodied design thinking.

Expect to not only speak, walk and talk differently about who you are and what you do, but expect others will resonate and respond to you differently too. First they will feel that’s something’s changed in you, then when you speak with them, they will want what you are having too.

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