Branding is, oh, so much more
than a website or a logo.
It’s delivery on promise.
It’s your unique expression of what you make, and do
how you deliver it and in the case of personal branding,
the essence of who you are.
(Please ask me what that means.)

My job, is to put you on the consideration list.
Your job, is to make you/your product/service the best choice.

I help you make choosing it,
the best experience for your clients.
I go deep and wide, so if you’re after a quick makeover
I’m unlikely the perfect fit for you.

I only work with courageous and committed creative entrepreneurs.
You’ve likely been doing this a while
and need someone to reflect you back to you,
showing your business’ best side.

I’m inspired by ideas, driven by curiosity
and pulled by the want, need and desire
to do great work for clients (often future friends)
I love to work with:
to help their businesses work for them,
(grow, evolve, make money)
so they can love their work and their lives.


You’re not same same,
so expect a bespoke solution
and an elegant execution.
You’re ready to dig deep so expect a thorough process
and a meaningful well crafted visual and verbal story.

Beauty and simplicity emerge in your solutions,
We won’t always know where we’ll find it
until we see it and feel it.
I often call my style, classic contemporary.

And with clients who are still enchanted
with their brand look and feel more than a decade later,
It feels fair to say ‘That’s a classic!’


Because I do. I exist to create for you.
Trite maybe and true. Creators live to create.

Focus, clarity and courage to share your story,
underpinned by elegance, beauty and your truth.
We’ll both feel like proud parent when your project graduates.

Beautiful solutions help you have the confidence and power,
to spread your word and your products,
to hit home runs on your bottom line.
And for sure we’ll be expanding your vision
to inspire what’s next.

Because  life funny that way, there’s always next . . .

My Services


Because product/services can be copied all too easily.
A unique brand story becomes more and more important
for creating a sustainable and profitable business
that can evolve and grow as you do.
Part of your brand is showcasing your visual and verbal personality.
And so, neither of us gets carried away, with pretty pictures and beautiful design.
We’ll get down and dirty with:

  • Visualisation and Strategy

Then I can help you with:

  • Business Naming • Logo Design • Business Stationery
  • Packaging • Innovation • Rebranding/Redefining
  • Brand style guides • Art direction and photoshoots
  • Online everything from website to social sites


Websites are just the digital starter, so we do good web.
Design and development for e-commerce, mobile and
small business websites.
I work with great developers who eat code for breakfast
to do custom built sites for bigger gigs,
but these days most things are done on templates
(but tweaked and tailored to create a smoother fit).
I’ve even created my own app,
so I can guide you through yours with grace
and a whole host of experience.
My websites not only look hot, they SEO good too.

I can also divine (with my trusty team)

  • Mobile and tablet friendly websites • E-commerce • E-books
  • Apps • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Email Newsletters
  • Website Analytics • Domain names • Hosting


I cut my teeth on print.
I’ve been designing since before the Internet.
Imagine that! I can’t.
Colour, rhythm, texture, form, folds and sensual pleasure,
What’s not to love about print?
I get in rapture about a good piece of technology
but print allows me to play in a whole different realm and reams.
Don’t get me started. In fact do.

  • Business cards • Product catalogues • Packaging design
  • Brochures • Promotional Material • Marketing Collateral
  • Flyers • Invitations • Illustration • Print Management
  • Point-of-sale Material • Event and Conference Materials


I love to chat, I’m social. I’m Irish and I’m Eilish
Likes, shares, comments, blogs, posts, hashtags and tweets.
It requires discernment and discipline.
It’s vital, visceral and visual.
I’ll get you set up and help you mark your social space

  • Account setup • Strategy • Scheduling
  • Customized design • Integration of campaigns


Like there’s a shoe for every foot.
Every brand has its expression of essence:
look, feel, colours, style and tone.
I’ll mock it up and work it out.
If it’s photography I know and work with many.
For illustration I’ll draw on my resources.
I do believe in monogamy (and long loving relationships)
but with suppliers the need must answer the desire.
I’ll work out whether it’s stock, shoot or draw
and appoint accordingly.

  • Portrait • Product/Food photography • Action • Corporate
  • Event photography • Illustration • Painting (sets, not houses)


I love words, I love how they sound,
how they caress the mouth and trip off the tongue.
I like to play with them, tease and tussle,
so they do what I need and say what you do.

Ask me about the science of sound
and how words form our worlds.

Need I say more . . .
whether it’s massaging your message,
starting from scratch, or somewhere in between:
I’m here and ready to whip up a little word wizardry
which of course includes weaving web words
to please the Google gods.


I’m a creative who tunes the strings to my bow.
I do best when I’m in flow
so I revere my systems and processes,
meditation and mantras to keep your projects
and our days on time and on cash.
I bow reverently to goals, actions,
deliverables, updates, scope and communication.
I know this world can feel like foreign climes,
so we’ll do a full orientation to keep you fully in the know.

I love to travel and call many places home.
I like to work across time, place and often in the same space.
Where ever you’re from: global or local, big or small,
I’m happy to help with your projects, ideas and ‘issues’
whether they be humongous, minuscule, far reaching or tall.
I love a chat. Give me a call.

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