InsideOut Practice

Hello fellow adventurers Welcome to the InsideOut Practice for Business Visioning and Brand Leadership program! I’m delighted and honoured that you’re joining me for this journey into the sacred art of energy alchemy and profoundly playful manifestation. As an energy alchemist myself we'll be blending the art and science of Design Thinking, Aquarian Business philosophy, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and other tools. By deciding on the program, you’ve already begun the process of creating the new story of your business and life, and entered the path that will lead you to your heart’s desire. This page contains all the essential information you’ll need to navigate the InsideOut Practice program with ease. If you need technical or administrative support at any time during the program, please get in touch me at My fabulous tech team or I will be happy to help you. I’m delighted to make this journey with you, into the emerging and evolving landscape of your business. Wishing you a wondrous and deeply fulfilling journey. Alwyas love Eilish InsideOut Practice is experiential learning. There are lessons, worksheets, yoga, meditation and readings. Working with the yoga and meditation as you move through the lessons and worksheets, you'll gain deeper insights as you apply the insights and teachings and maybe, encounter your own resistance in your day. The tangible outcome is a vision guide and roadmap for clarity to navigate from where you are now to where you want to go, as you expand into who you are committed to becoming. The intangible is an embodied and empowered sovereignty of who you are, what you are uniquely skilled and suited to create and for whom. You become clearer on what matters to you and how to define and build your personal definition of success in your business and your life that works for you now and in your future.

This Course Includes :

21 Videos

12 Worksheets

12 Meditations

24 Reading List

12 Weekly Yoga classes

3 40 Day Yoga challenges

12 Weekly Live Yoga Broadcast

12 Q&A

4 1:1 mentoring

Email Support

1 Vision Guide Template

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