Brand yourself in 5 words

Can you describe yourself in 5 words.

If you can’t others likely can.
Yes, whether you like it or not
your brand is encapsulated in a few words.

Are you consistent and clear?
Are you who you think you are?
Are you what you want to be known for?

Read on and find out how you can become
the brand you want to be.
(There’s no pain involved, just awareness).

First a short game to show you how
we see others and others see us.
Was it Robert Burns or my Mother
(when she was particularly thrilled with me, not)
who said

Think of someone you love,
someone you only wish great things for
who makes you feel warm,
joyful and kind.
Pick 3 – 5 words to describe them.

Now while you’re on a roll.
Do the same with someone who you feel has betrayed you.
Did you wrong.
Life would be just fine if you never had
to share the same air space again.
Maybe a bully at school,
ex boss, ex friend, ex girlfriend, sibling
(and if you’re open to it,
you could forgive them in just 40 seconds. Truly)
Another 3-5 words.

Notice the different energy
between the person you love,
the person who has hurt you.

Just observe.
There’s no right or wrong here.

Words create your world,
Each one evokes a thought, a feeling,
You then go and give meaning to each of these words
so your world is a beneficent (or alien) place.
depending on the words you use.

Words matter.
Choose them carefully.

Words and how people perceive them create your brand.
They are how you are held in the minds and hearts of people.
Today when I asked a five people to give me
3-5 words off the top of their head to describe mine,
this is what I got
  1. Bold, cheeky, daring, wise, playful, stylish
  2. Persistent, innovative, visionary, great fun, adventurous
  3. Fun, energy, laughing, hands, creator, deep thinking
  4. Tenacious, joie de vivre, adventure, creative, artistic
  5. Sensual, confident, intuitive, joyful, sublime,trustworthy
All of these make up my brand.
And phew, there’s a thread running through here.
It would seem my brand is pretty clear and consistent:

fun, creative, playful, adventurous and determined.

If I was to choose 3-5 to describe myself.
I’d take a more practical approach:
strategic brand visionary and entrepreneur.
Much less interesting even if I say so myself 🙂
(It’s a fun game to elicit your words.
I’ll give you my script below.
Even more fun if you give them 5 words
to describe them).
Some of the above words are obvious to me but
others I don’t see in myself at all.
I mean sublime???
We define yours by your words, your behaviours,
your running commentary in your head,
what you associate yourself with
and what you push away from yourself .
It took me more than 20 years to accept I lived in Australia.
Call me ridiculous and I’ll answer:-)
People then define you by our behaviours,
your actions, your clothes, your address,
how you toss your hair, use your knife and fork,
leave lipstick marks on your glass,
(oh that’s me 🙂
say please and thank you, or don’t
and any little nuance or quirk
that makes you so fabulously uniquely you

but more important how you make them feel.

This is both physical and vibrational.

Then when you are absent they describe you
in a few words or sentences.
Accept it we are judgment making machines.
The secret though is to accept that too.
Here in lies the opportunity and the challenge.
The opportunity is to review the words that people
use to describe you and mine the gap between
who you are and who you wish to be.

The challenge lies in changing
first your habits and then their minds..

People can often be slow to change their minds
but if your behaviour changes
and they experience that change,
their words will change too.
(if they don’t, don’t worry)
As Dr Seuss says
‘Those who mind don’t matter
and those who matter don’t mind.’
You can’t change what has been
(but you do need to own it)
You can only change this moment,
and then the next one
so who you are right now is creating the future.
What words are not sitting well on you?
What words would you like to grow into?
What words would you like to try on today?
I work with idea driven people
to create a brand you aspire to and then grow into,
and yes it’ll fun. I believe work is play
And if you fancy digging deeper into your personal branding
here are ways you can work with me:

And here’s that script.
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