Brand Identity

This is my realm of mastery. A logo and a brand look and feel, your brand platform. It’s your brand story told so it looks, sounds and feels right to you, resonates with your ideal client and as importantly is elevating and inspiring too.

As you might expect there’s a process and a package. The process liberates me to focus all my energy to co-create with you. The package constrains so you know what to expect.

We work through the InsideOut Practice Methodology

We start by sending you a branding questionnaire to get all the details about the status quo of you and your business. Once all the paperwork is complete – you’ve paid the 50% deposit, filled in my questionnaire, we’ll get together for a chat and get you booked into a design slot. If you’re overseas or interstate, we’ll do this via Skype or Zoom.

A unique part of my branding process and the InsideOut Practice is a daily yoga and meditation practice. It works on the premise of the discipline of freedom. When you build the discipline of showing up for yourself it’s creates freedom in your day. And it’s not a stretch that you can then show up for your business and your clients with the same discipline and focus. In my experience daily cleaning your mind (subconscious) means you enter your work day with a sharper focus which makes for a more focused and effective business. Clients often find this part of the process the most enlightening and surprisingly rewarding as they learn so much about themselves, where and how they limit themselves and how strong they are. The outcome is an embodied confidence and a deeper conviction in who they are and why they are doing the work they do that inspiring and magnetic to their clients. Read testimonials from clients here, here and here

01 | Who are you? Own who you are

We will kick things off by getting you set up in your very own online client space. This keeps the entire project streamlined, timelined and organised.

Once logged in you’ll will find training videos, worksheets, transcripts and practices to learn all about how to blend who you are, with what you do so you can really own your unique value and differentiate what you help you dream client accomplish so they hire you, value you and are delighted to pay you and refer you too.

To make sure we’re on the same page, we’ll put together a moodboard of your vision to establish what really matters to you. Your moodboard will set the vision and alignment for your business and personal vision and how the project unfolds to deliver what you desire and need.

We’ll also include some key words, a suggested colour palette, and an overview for the direction we see where your branding could go. We will create other boards for style and brand direction and refer back to these boards often  throughout the process. Once you feel we’ve captured who you truly are and what you are about with every image on your moodboard, we move on to what you will create.

And best of all, each of these elements will be gathered to build your branding vision guide, which is yours to keep and refer to whenever you need to check back in on goals and mission, make small and large decisions and check alignment with your bigger vision. We’re building a visioning and business framework here to make every decision simpler and you’ll come to see I’m not exaggerating.

02 | What makes you YOU? – Creating you

Now we’ve set the tone for your business vision (and beyond), it’s time to get personal and see where the gaps are between how you turn up today and what you envision for your future self. Spoiler alert there’ll be another mood board here but this one you might just keep it all to yourself (or share selectively).

03 | What qualifies you? – Claim your realm of mastery

Most branding agencies spend most time here or on your ideal client. I believe that is leading with your resume rather than your legacy. Your business and YOU are more than your resume, your work experience and your KPIs. Every business is started by a human(s) to meet a need or solve a problem they see, that they believe others can’t see or aren’t filling in the way they can. Each brings their special way of doing and being in the world with their resumes, their point of view and their resources. We’ll be divining and drawing on your past, present and future, blending and baking it all into your alchemical mix whether you’re a consultant, coach, designer or maker. We’ll emerge with your manifesto and mission, with clarity, process and practice.

04 | Who is your ideal client? – Get to know them intimately

Many agencies start here too instead let’s ask who are you ideally suited to serve, clients you like who love you, doing work you love so they feel you want for them what they want for themselves – and it’ll stretch you both to deliver it. We’ll divine who they are, what they are, what do they care about, where will you find them and how will they find you so they resonate with you on sight and choose themselves for you. 

05 | Wh​at is your brand story to tell? – ​Position yourself for success

When you know who you are, you stop competing and you start co-creating. When you know who you are the difference is clear in the stories you tell. This is true whether you are a solo-preneur, a maker of things or a leader of a large team or organisation. Everything is relationship. We are now ready to get visual and verbal. We’ll create a brand mood board to create the direction and once we’ve fully agreed on colours, mood, imagery, typographic direction I’ll get busy in the design studio.

This is the point where your logo, brand look and feel, typography, imagery and the bones of your business come together. You’ll have your unique story, your pillars, your words, your practice and your process. You’ll feel so put together you’ll be almost ready to put on a show. You’ll also feel thrilled that you’ve dug deep and done the work to get here.

Once I present you the logo concepts (1-2), you’ll have 3 chances for refinement and revision. This allows me to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s so to speak. It’s rare clients use all these refinement stage but it’s nice to know they are there if you need them.

I always show you logos in black and white and colour and show you how they will be applied across different media so you can see how the whole brand story works in your ‘real work’ real world situations. I stand behind my tried and tested branding process 100% and back all of my brands with the InsideOut Practice Guarantee™.

When everything is refined and you’ve given it your seal of approval, you’ll be all set to start implementing and applying. We’ll give you access to all your digital files via Google docs or dropbox and keep them on ours for 6 months, just in case you need a back up.


06 | Sharing your story. – Keeping it clear, consistent and congruent

Your logo and brand elements will come with a Brand Visioning Guide which is a document that outlines all the details of your brand system and how to implement them with consistency across all of your marketing touch points.

Your Brand Vision Guides includes clear instructions on how to best use your logo, a suite of fonts (for both print and digital use), colour palettes, suggested logo usage, imagery direction and any other graphic rules we believe will optimise your brand.

You’ll love this reference guide as it will really help you to effortlessly implement your new logo and branding assets across all aspects of your business and you can use it to direct others as appropriate.

In this step we’ll create your communications and sharing strategy – where and when you’ll show up and what you’ll share so your clients get to know who you are and what you know and want to be known for.

We’ll also create your conversation slides so you can get that sales chat down pat for when you make the ask so it’s a yes please when can we start.

Brand Vision guide generally are 20 or more pages but it can vary tremendously depending on the size and complexity of how much design work you need. Don’t worry we will make sure you have everything you need before we send you out into the world and we’ll support you once there too with some resources we’ve created to help you use your brand assets wisely and optimally.

Once we’ve checked you’re all set to go we’ll get together to wrap things up and give you resources and recommendations to focus your top three strategies to grow your brand and deliver impact to get the results that matter to you. Are you ready to be there already, then


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