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There’s money in dirt – cracking your mask

The rickshaw stalled in the crowded street. And from nowhere the little girl was right beside me, hand out, waiting, smiling. This is an every time and everyday occurrence in India; and as a tourist [...]

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Rock your rhythms

@unsplash @ameenfahmy @unsplash @ameenfahmi @unsplash @ameenfahmi           We are all different, each with our unique rhythms. I know some unreasonable people who rise cheerily before sunrise and others [...]

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#7 equilibrium – a daily practice

Equilibrium The illustrations come from a corporate talk I present on personal branding. I call it the blah of balance. I love children's playgrounds (and no, I'm not one of those), so the see saw is a familiar analogy [...]

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#6 identity – a daily practice

me-myself-i We often confuse what we do with our identity. We forget it's who you are being in the doing that makes it magic or miserable. Who are you? We try to be [...]

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#5 desire – a daily practice

via unsplash photographer Kristina Flour Say it out loud. Desire. Just saying it sounds sensuous and a little forbidden. Desire. Fancy pondering your desires today. The real question is. Can you allow yourself to have what [...]

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#4 gifts – a daily practice

via         Happy El Dia de Los Reyes Magos The magic kings or the 3 Wise Men is a bigger celebration than Christmas Day in Spain & Latin America. [...]

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  • Unforgettable you

    Unforgettable you

    Ever notice when you're at a conference, in the office, at a party that some people have a crowd milling around them and others feel a bit more like Nellie no Mates. Some people you [...]

  • Brand yourself in 5 words

    Brand yourself in 5 words

    Can you describe yourself in 5 words. If you can't others likely can. Yes, whether you like it or not your brand is encapsulated in a few words. Are you consistent and clear? Are you who you think [...]

  • Time to Shine Hair, Flick and Giggle

    Time to Shine Hair, Flick and Giggle

      A New Moon in Leo inspires you love, play and create. Leo's New Moon is a time to reignite your inner fire. Where are you ready to shine your light? Who are you ready to charm [...]