Eilish Bouchier

Eilish Bouchier is the founder and leader of this business visioning and brand leadership transformational container for creative thinkers in businesses and organisations. With decades of experience at the intersection of creativity, commerce, communication and consciousness with global and local businesses, she works with visionary souls who are willing to explore and discover new ways of being and doing business and life that technology and its incumbent cultural changes are inviting.

Formerly the owner and director of studio51 an award winning boutique communications and branding agency with global clients like Apple, Vodafone, Scholastic and HarperCollins, and locals such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, Wealthwise Education, Two Swedes Cooking, Sussan Fashion Group.

Eilish also held the position of Senior Lecturer in Design and Course Co-ordinator at Charles Sturt University.

Eilish hosts PatChats a peer to peer business breakfast talk and podcast series and is on the Board of The Lansdowne Club.

Eilish graduated from The Limerick Institute for Technology (formerly the Limerick School of Art and Design) in Design Communications, Construction Studies and Quantity Surveying Part 1 (RICS) with ongoing studies in Business (FÁS), Project Management and Interactive design (University of Sydney), Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Level 1, (Kundalini Research Institute and Amrit Nam Samovar France) Lifestyles and Lifecycles Level 2 (Kundalini Research Institute and AAA China), Self Mastery of Tantra and Self Mastery School of Loving Presence (Divine University Project) and Floristry (Pearsons School of Floristry) and School for Social Entrepreneurs Business Program.

Eilish (rhymes with stylish) lives in Sydney where you’ll often see her cycling for an early morning coffee and swim after her daily practice.

Eilish holds mastery in experiential transformation, facilitating, mentoring, design, yoga and meditation and speaking (she’s Irish afterall :-), You can hire Eilish to speak, facilitate or mentor at hello@eilishbouchier.com

Why Work With Me

I believe that anything you can imagine you can create and the only thing between you and what you imagine are your self limiting beliefs.

All work and no play first dulls you, then burns you out. Sooner or later it will render you less effective and unfulfilled. I’ve been there, it’s not pleasant 🙂

By creating space for yourself everyday, you discern how to spend your resources (time, energy, money, thoughts) more effectively. You enter your day prioritising what matters in alignment with your bigger vision. You create instead of reacting. You intentionally and powerfully choose how to play your business and life game each day to incrementally accomplish your goals, dreams and vision.

In short your aligned actions make your success inevitable.
My mission is to make creatives commercially clever.


Design Thinking is a way of approaching problems from a place of curiosity, exploration and discovery. It does not assume the presenting problem is the real issue to be solved. It asks questions to uncover and define the priorities and structure of the issues that will deliver the optimum outcome. It adopts an iterative approach that develops and tests. With each revolution through the cycle the solution becomes simpler and more elegant.

Our aim is to create a structure that liberates you to deliver in your realm of mastery for clients who value what you help them accomplish as you both elevate to access new levels of empowerment and leadership.

We will approach this as a co-creative project to design a business and brand that works for you now and evolves and grows as you do. A business that fulfils your needs, your clients, everyone and everything in its eco-system. We will begin with who you are and what you are called to create and how you have been gathering the skills to build the business you are most suited to inhabit, and are excited to show up for, in service of your ideal clients and team who love and value you. Less kumabaya, more maybe this will work and have you heard this new artist and tried this new bakery . . . .


I introduced yoga and meditation into my work through my own experience. The surprise is it took me so long. Training the mind through the body builds a deep experiential and compounding self-confidence and self-trust, embodying the insights and discoveries that emerge from the design thinking discoveries.

In a world is obsessed with thinking we are facing more stress, anxiety and depression. Joy, success and happiness arises when we feel good in mind, body and spirit. It’s time to acknowledge we cannot just live from the neck up. In fact the biggest block to your success is not outside you but often the stories you tell yourself. To create great things you must first believe you can and that you are the person to do it.

The somatic work mostly utilises the science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Kundalini Yoga is known as the super-fast highway to awareness. It is an experiential science that works through the body to change the mind, to bring your self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging blocks into your awareness so you can change them. Change is challenging as it requires learning until it becomes embodied, then it’s your new normal.

A core value of leadership is self-awareness. There is no profitable and sustainable brand without awareness and trust. To lead others you first need to lead yourself. Leading yourself develops self-trust. Kundalini Yoga works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to repair and build the nervous system, the endocrine system and the glandular system to energise your body and clear your mind. It will challenge and delight you as you come to experience your unlimited self.