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Global meditation for peace, prosperity and joy
on the upcoming solstice


22 December 2019

We invite you to take part in a global meditation for peace, prosperity and joy on the upcoming solstice 22 December 2019

‘If you want love, you have to prepare
your mind and body to give and receive it.’
Yogi Bhajan


Our intention is to awaken and elevate the collective consciousness to take better care of ourselves, our families, friends, communities, livelihoods, all beings, all things and our home, the earth.


Peace begins within us then spreads like a virtuous virus
as we share generously with others.


When we come together at exactly the same time with the unified intention to meditate/contemplate for
36 minutes on
peace, prosperity and joy, we will raise our energy of these feelings.

Consequently we will help raise the collective energetic vibration of all living beings including our planet.


The meditation will take place across the world in all time zones at 08:00 – 08:36 GMT.
Please translate it to your time zone here


For our part we will gather in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney to lead a guided meditation. You can also choose to use any meditation you prefer or just sit in silence for the 36 minutes.


If you wish to join us from wherever you are, we will livestream the meditation.


Whatever practice you choose, please join us in the universal intention of peace, prosperity and love for yourself, your loved ones, all beings and the planet.


While we will use the medium of meditation, this is not about meditation, or any particular practice, or belief system. It’s as Marianne Williamson has been saying in her presidential campaign 

‘Let’s wage peace’. 

Let’s be a force for feeling good, being good and doing good.


Our intention is to awaken the collective to the realisation that we are interdependent, interconnected and healing ourselves to heal our world and the planet


We are all in this together.
We all share and co-create our eco-system, the earth.


Let’s be and act as though we truly believed this, making small and large changes in how we go about our daily lives at work, home, in business, community, institutions and governments.

Let’s be a force for good in the world

There’s a 3.5% rule where a small minority can change the world

Non-violent protests are twice as likely to succeed as armed conflicts – and those engaging a threshold of 3.5% of the population have never failed to bring about change.
Let’s become the 3.5%.


We can attempt to ‘teach’ people how to be peaceful, prosperous and loving but each person must experience these qualities for themselves. We can attempt to ‘teach’ people how to meditate but each person must experience ‘meditation’ for themselves.


The invitation is to participate whether you believe peace, prosperity and love is possible or whether you believe in meditation or not, or whether you believe in a collective energy or not.

The invitation is to participate to have an experience with others for 36 minutes holding the intention of peace, prosperity and joy.

If you are new to meditation we invite you to let go of the thought that you can’t do this or you will do it wrong. Trust me if you join us and gently keep coming back to the intention (as your mind wanders) you will feel the power of the collective energy. And maybe you will experience something within yourself you have not experienced before.


We sincerely need your help to do this.

We need you to share this idea with as many people as you know and to ask them to share it with as many people as they know and on and on it goes.


For our part
we will meet in the
Botanic Gardens near the foreshore at the Fig Tree Lawn on Sunday 22 December at 18:30 pm.

We will start meditating at 19:00 until 19.36.

The gardens close at 20:00.


We’d love as many of you to join us as possible.

We will also live stream the meditation. It goes live 10 minutes before.


Please sign up for updates. 

We’ve never organised a global meditation before so please bear with us as we learn together.

Thank you for being here.


A prayer

May we gather in the space of clarity where the truth of all ways converge.

May the Great Spirit guide us to see beyond the veil.

 Just as the roots of the forest join all the species into one eco-system.

May compassionate understanding be felt as the roots that join our highest consciousness in unity.

May peace prevail in our hearts, our minds, our relationships, environments and on earth forever.

Until soon and always love

Eilish Bouchier and Lindi Robertson


Action is the true measure of commitment