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The admission form was in front of me.
It had been for days, but I was hesitating signing it.
It was running around in my head,and causing knots in my stomach.

I didn’t want to do it but felt I should.
I had already invested 4 years and
just two more would complete it.

It made sense, every kind of sense.
My boyfriend was a builder.
My parents were behind me,
but I wanted to design.

How many nails and how much concrete
was about as interesting to me as watching paint dry.
I loved the idea of creating, of building
but keeping tabs on the percentage of wastage
and analysing the cost of concrete
was like dunking my head multiple times in cold water
and expecting that I’d come to enjoy it.
It was never going to happen.
I didn’t want to be a Quantity Surveyor.

An architect, an interior designer
Now that excited me.
I could leap out of bed every morning for
light, form, shape, textures, colours, rhythms, flow,
design thinking and creative problem solving.
That worked for me like butter on hot bread,
like basil with tomatoes.

It was my language.
And so I decided. I would do it.
It wasn’t simple, it was challenging, for sure.
My boyfriend thought art students were weird.
My parents couldn’t see where the job was.

I could and there were many great ones,
with great companies like Apple, Vodafone,
HarperCollins, Scholastic and more.
I loved being a designer and I still do.
I love that I get to learn about businesses and topics
I would never seek out on my own,
connecting seemingly disparate worlds
and discovering new patterns.

I love to see a client’s face light up when
I show them designs and visuals
and they see all their thoughts, words, ideas
translated into their brand story.

I have never regretted this choice
and I have made many other leaps like that
guided from an internal source.
It’s like my life is pulling me forward,
tugging when I get stuck
urging me to back on course again.

I believe our souls, our inner compass is often
the most subversive part of us,
constantly guiding and course correcting,
steering us towards the lesson we most need to learn,
the skills we need to master,
the apprenticeships to which we need apply ourselves:
delivering us to the ‘work’ we will offer the world,
in the way that only we can deliver it.

Could you imagine
Martha Graham as an accountant,
Frank Gehry as a scientist,
Picasso as a doctor.

I have come to believe we all have this internal compass.

Do you ignore this internal guide?
Do you suppress it?

When we listen to this internal compass, we both surrender and take control of our own ship, allowing it to guide us while we lead it. Click To Tweet

If you listen to this internal guide,
can you connect the dots that have brought you here?
If you listened, where is your ship pointed now?
Is this where you want to go?

Or ask where could your ship take you next?
What does it look and feel like there?
Who is there with you?
What are you doing each day?

Is this what you life looks like now?
If not what do you need to do to start to connect the dots?

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And as we are all we are all in this together.
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As always, always love. See you soon