Are you a warrior? corporate, entrepreneurial, family, spiritual?

The Vision to see your goal and keep it in your consciousness.
The Courage to attempt it and to keep up.
The Grit to go through it.
The Humility to know who the Doer is.
The Knowledge to substantiate it.
The Prayer to feed it.
The Grace to carry yourself through it.
The Determination to achieve it.’
Yogi Bhajan
 It is said the difference between a warrior
and a human is that the human
is always dividing experiences,
thoughts and things into good and bad.
The warrior sees them all
as blessings including the challenges.

The warrior is always ready to dies if he needs to.
And, while he is not always seeking attack
to expand his dominion:
he is always ready to defend what he values.
He has a clear sense of space and how he occupies it.

I often say anything is possible
and anything is as long as you are clear
about your past and present.
This discerns what’s actually possible for you.
This informs your judicious Yes’ and Nos.
It also informs the steps towards
realising your vision
(your potential, your possibilities).
Based on this you create a plan,
a strategy for the path forward.
Always ready to adapt,
always flexible, nimble and agile
travelling along the path:
extending one’s capacity and circle
of influence little by little.
Knowing when it is time to step
and when it is appropriate to leap.
The vision can be small,
it can expand as your confidence, trust,
consistency, power, humility and belief.
It requires commitment, tenacity and perseverance.
In order to succeed you need
the courage to step towards it,
the grit to go through it
and the determination to achieve it.
You need the sensitivity and intuition
to know when to act,
and when to wait;
the understanding that you need patience.

You can not extend beyond your reach.
Everything is built upon what has gone before.
Winter while it appears dead,
creates the life that becomes Spring
and so it follows.

The Spiritual Warrior brings you
face to face with who you are:
with all your strengths and weaknesses,
pettiness and importance,
meanness and generosity,
intelligence and stupidity,
courage and fear.
It invites you to accept all of yourself
and bring compassion to your understanding of others.
It invites you to step into your power
as you elicit the power in others.
It invites you to lead while gathering
the strengths and resources of others
to help you shape your vision
in service to the greater good.
It invites you to become who you truly are.
As you gain a clear understanding of who you are
and how you can step into your essential self.
It allows you to see that competition is benign
and to achieve anything great you need to inspire,
gather, collaborate and celebrate.
You will discover that being a Spiritual warrior
is elevated beyond
the physical battle, war or fighting.
The art of this life is the mastery of one’s self
and while along the way you may lose many battles.
You have not lost the war.
I invite you to come join me for the Courage Series.
If its not possible for you please experience
this guided meditation for Openness and Fearlessness
for the next 40 days.
(It only takes 1001 days for mastery :-),
40 days to break a pattern/habit,
90 days to create one,
120 to embed it in your psyche).
And as we are all in this together.
Please share as right at this moment someone else
may be facing something in their life
where they need to find their courage.
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