Full Moon in Taurus – Attachment and Transformation. Which will you choose?


Sydney weather in the past few days has charged
from wonderful clear blue skies
to cracking storms, whipping up
and disappearing almost as quickly as they arrive.

The wind stirs us up, so does Scorpio.

It’s a good reminder to use your own air
to bring you back into balance.
Breath deeply,
all the way to your abdomen.
Left nostril breathing calms you.

As you know the full moon reveals all shadows.
There’s no hiding place.
It’s the moons version of the midday sun
and we all know that relationship with mad dogs.

This full moon is in earthy Taurus
a strong sensual feminine energy,
ruled by all about beauty, Venus.

It’s in the Sun sign, of Scorpio
who divines the depths,
who wants to dance those shadows
and transform them to light.

If I’ve learned anything
its that in owning our darkness
we can choose the light.
Try to sit more lightly with those parts of yourself
you keep the lid so firmly closed.

Let’s not forget Saturn’s presence,
the insistent teacher of discipline,
responsibility, and slow and steady.
Saturn has been relentlessly nudging us into shape
for the past couple of years
and will continue until next September.

Firsts must come first, with Saturn.
There are no shortcuts.

You know your own integrity.
This is the only line you really need to hold.

Taurus like things (attachment).
Scorpio likes to let go of things (transformation).
Taurus reflects what esteem you hold yourself.
Your self worth.
What you feel you deserve?
What you think you lack?

Look at what triggers you.
Observe yourself.
Notice everything.
What are you resisting?
What are you pretending isn’t there?
Watch your reactions?
Notice your wants, needs and desires.
Notice what you allow.
What you deny yourself.
What can you surrender this full moon?
What can you throw into Scorpio’s depths to be transformed?

I’ve just arrived back in Sydney after months away.
While I covered a lot of ground
It was an intensely internal journey
I felt so taken care of by beautiful friends,
the earth, the universe,
There are now a lot of things requiring attention.
Saturn’s gentle nudges have gathered force
to get things done,
to put systems in place.
Step by step, start with the basics.
Cover all bases.

We ignore Saturn at our own peril.
Suggestions become commands,
then demands.

This full moon might feel like an emotional roller coaster
but its the Cosmos crying.

‘C’mon get on the ride. Are you in?
All or nothing.
We don’t want to go without you.’

There’s an opportunity now
to set up things in a real way
that will yield results long term.
Think big picture, think values, think truth
Remember you want to build on solid ground
No castles in the sand or in the air

Taurus is earth get out into nature,
Feel the air.
Roll in the earth or the sand.
Scorpio is water. Get into the ocean.
Full immersion always wins the day.

Here’s the ritual. Enjoy.
It’s tonight at 22:23 in Sydney.
If you’re in 12:23 pm London (GMT)
Thursday 3:23am LAX/SF (PST)
Thursday 6:23am New Delhi

Here’s a quick centring for every day
Drop into your heart
(Do this as many times as you remember.
It takes but a moment:-)
Ask to connect to your spirit.
To the infinite field of light and ask;
What do I need to embrace?
What do i need to see?
What do i need to do?
and most of all
what do i feel,
what do i really feel

Trust your gut.
It never lies.
Our heart can go soft.
Our head can go hard.
Keep asking, gently asking
Wait and the answers will come.

Consult spirit on everything. I do!

Here’s the ritual. Enjoy.

I’m doing a real life meditation and a full moon ritual in Sol Walkling’s beautiful new treehouse wellness space
in Tamarama tomorrow evening 7:00 – 8:30pm.
It’s always powerful to do it in group
but of course you can always gather your own.
Here are the details.
Love to see you there.

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