New and Super Moon in Aquarius January 30th

This new moon is all about expansion
and it ‘seems’ I’m on the right on track.
I’m in Singapore on my way to Chennai.

An Irish friend and wonderful ceramicist,
Sara Roberts is bringing a stable of Irish artists
to Chennai for a show (which opens on the New Moon),
then it’s to Pondicherry
which has been on my ‘go to’ list for years
and then Goa to teach some yoga
and present my Visualisation in Action workshop there.

It’s been an age since I had
what could be termed a holiday
so very excited about that.

I wrote this post on Tuesday
though India being India
the internet connection dropped out
so lost it all and I had to start again the day after,
and then again the one after that.
(Every time I hear someone call India
the IT capital of the world I can only smile.)

This New Moon is about freedom.
Freedom is a tricky thing.
Something we all crave
but is it something we can truly embrace?

In this instance, freedom means letting go
and allowing yourself to see things differently.

Freedom to change your mind,
to allow a new perspective.

Could your interpretation of your work,
your relationship, your circumstances,
allow for a different understanding?

Could you trust you cannot ever see the full picture,
that your view is limited to the scope
of your experiences, your education,
your skills, your beliefs and your inability
to know what the future will bring.

Two things come to mind here.
One I did a year of study with the Divine University
a few years ago called the Mystery School of Tantra.
I thought the mystery part was a curious name
until a few months in, the penny dropped, that

mystery means you have no idea what’s next,

which is life isn’t it?
No matter how much
we try to control the circumstances or events
we have no idea what’s next.
Which is wonderful and can also be terrifying,
depending on your point of view.

The second thing that comes to mind,
is that the consequences of decisions we make which
we feel will move us closer to ‘freedom’
can paralyse us as we watch situations unfold
we could not have foreseen.

This tests our belief in ourselves to make the ‘right’ choice
and yet if we make then from our hearts
and following our soul’s guidance
they can never be the ‘wrong’ decision.

They may not take us where we thought they would
or may take us someplace entirely foreign
or uncomfortable for us.

Can we maintain our faith
and hope amidst the uncertainty
and what might seem like complete chaos
knowing that it is only through living our lives
that the pieces will fall into place in time.

As the guy in the film the Marigold Hotel would often state.

‘Everything will be all right in the end
and if it’s not alright,
it’s not the end.’

This New Moon asks us to renew our hope,
to seek our liberation from having to know.
It’s asks us to have faith in ourselves
and in everyone and everything else around us
to trust that if we can open ourselves to see things differently,
everything could change,
our work, our relationships, our lives.

I learned a number of years ago
that whatever you look for you will find.

For instance, I’m in India at present.
Yes, the streets are dirty, it’s chaotic,
and people live in ‘unimaginable conditions’.
This point of view could make me fold in on myself,
only eat, stay and be where other Westerners are.
See only the dirt, the strangeness and the difficulties.

It’s also colourful, full of people who smile readily,
seem at ease their lives
and are eager to engage with strangers like me.
This point of view allows me to try to communicate
with people who speak a different language,
who live completely differently, think differently,
whose way of being might directly challenge mine.

So now there’s still time for the ritual
(we’re still within 3 days of the New Moon)
What freedom and liberation
can you gift yourself this New Moon.

What could you see differently?

What could you see as a gift
that you have been seeing as a challenge?

What questions could you ask yourself
that might evoke a different possibility,
a different point of view,
a different conversation with yourself,
with someone else?

Enjoy and let me know what comes up for you.
Afterall we are all in this together.
and share this if you think it would be helpful,
be interesting or just tickle someone’s fancy.
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Now it must be time for a chai



Make sure to check out Sarah Varcas’ post here and if you doubted the year was off to a galloping start it’s the Chinese Year of the Horse. Sarah linked to a great post here.

I did the ritual two nights ago
The message was very clearly
to maintain faith in the process,
to act on my intuition and stop the doubting.
Stop procrastinating in taking action with things
I can do to move my work forward
and have patience in the process
with things that are beyond my control.
Once more code for

Hold the vision
Act and let go of the outcome

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